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    Freezing Chamber Playset

    I don't remember if the Freezing Chamber playset was under the POTJ line or the POTF 2 line (if it's POTF2, I'll delete it), but I wanted to ask what everyone thinks about it.
    The online fan club has it reduced to $18.99. I was just wondering if anyone could give their opinion of it. I had heard that it's crappy, but I'd like to make sure, to see if I'd like to buy one.
    If anyone could help, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

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    Eh, it's hard to say. I actually think it displays okay, but the freezing action is crappy, and the pack in guard is lame. If your budget is tight, I'd save your money for something else.

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    I actually think it's pretty cool. I like the Bespin Guard figure. He's really basic which is fine by me. Since none of the Star Wars playsets are all that good, I thought the Freezing Chamber was neat. No, the 'freezing' action is not the best. But I like it because it's new, and it's not a mold of something already made.
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    I like it. As far as the newer playsets go it's one of the better ones. Beats the heck out of the Naboo 4 walls and a floor thing. There has been nothing like the vintage Death Star so everything pales next to it, but for a "complete" environment, the Freezing set isn't bad. At that price, why not?

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    I like it. Its not to scale, and the freezing mechinism is bad, but it definately one of the best playesets in any current line. Its good to display your Bespin Luke and Vader battle.

    It was a POTJ release, but all the figures on the box were POTF2.
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    It definitely makes for a neato display. I had this out on my desk at work and everybody who walked by not only commented on it, but usually stopped to play with it. In fact, the figures were always moved when I got back from lunch. And not in any obscene way . . . just moved. (Played with.)

    The clear orange plastic is a great detail. And the way you can freeze any figure is pretty entertaining. There is also a real vintage feel to the set --- it reminds me a bit of the old plastic IMPERIAL ATTACK BASE. So, it'd work really well with vintage figures as well.

    If you're an Empire fan, then by all means pick it up. It's great for setting up two of the films most gripping scenes. I'd say it's definitely worth the $19.

    There's also this bizarre little jail cell molded into the base of the freezing chamber. Oh, and leave the big gun thingy in the box!

    Thus far, it's definitely the best playset of the line. And looks far more Starwars to me than the new Arena Attack. Plus, since it's an exclusive, it's a neat piece to have in that it was probably produced in smaller numbers than, say . . . the Episode I sets.

    Hope this helps.

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    Where do you work Mark2d2 that you can display toys at your desk??? Sounds like a good job.

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    I like it. For 19 dollars I don't think you can go wrong because as many mentioned above you can do a lot of cool scenes with it. If you get it, look closely at the Bespin guard...he looks uncannily like Agent Moulder from X-Files Plus with today's technology, you can make some cool printouts of the background from the freeze scenes in Empire and really ad to the set.
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    I was a "Content Producer" at this silly national cable network in LA. But I was laid off just before Christmas. It's alright. The job wasn't nearly as exciting as it might sound. Actually, I was bored out of my mind. And the politics around there were getting more and more Dilbertesque all the time.

    But the people were cool. And everythings very casual in the entertainment business. I could wear shorts to work.

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    $18.99 is a great price. I probably would held of on getting it if I would have known it be that price. But no regrets, I like it.
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