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    Hmmmmm. No Carrying Cases?

    Have I missed something? Or are there really going to be no carrying cases this time around?

    As I loose collector, I not only enjoy, but also use these. And the Episode I Artoo case actually came with the best playset for that film. Still, I wish they'd do a new vinyl one kind of like the old vintage ones. But no dice.

    Then again, many of the Episode II figures are in such way out there poses -- they probably wouldn't fit into a case.

    Has anybody heard anything about this? Will there be a case?

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    Maybe down the road.

    But none of Hasbros carrying cases sell so they probably aren't in a big hurry to make one for AOTC. Can't really blame Hasbro for it though, they've tried eveything to get people to buy them.

    Reissued C3PO case w/electronic voice
    Falcon case w exclusive Wedge figure
    Ep1 R2D2 case that they actually made into a playset

    But all of those tend to languish on the shelves.
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    I heard the gunship was supposed to double as one, but judging by the ToyFair proto, I doubt it.

    I'd like to see a $100 giant Republic ship that's a playset/figure holder with a lift off top.
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    I was thinking that as well...

    "Strange... no cases this time around..."

    I, too, think it would be difficult to get some of these outlandishly extreme figures into a case... I'll tell you... It's hard enough to get all of the figure to fit onto one of those RealStands!
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    Carrying cases are boring. I sure dont want them. And from the lack of sales, it appears that very few people are interested in buying them. I hope Hasbro never makes another carrying case again.
    The wild-stanced E2 figure poses suck!!!!

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    I don't see them making one for a while. I think that the ones they made all flopped. I bought them, but i remeber seeing them on the shelves for a long time.
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    I never had too much for carring cases. I don't pack my figures with me so I never wanted one. Also with these new figures the carring case would have to be as big as a suit case for the one pose figures to fit.
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    Carry cases don't really seem for collecting but are really just there for a kid to have an extra place to store his figures. That's one reason why I liked the R2-D2 Carry Case, had a nice foldout droid playset with some nice suprises, especially with the moveable lower grates, that was unexpected. And I even liked the pack-in for an extent, it's fun to throw onto the floor in the hallway and have contests on how far it'll roll.

    I think a giant Republic ship toy for even $100 would be awesome, especially if the carry case option was just a bonus feature.
    "Hokey packaging and ancient gimmicks are no match for good detail on your figure, kid."
    "I am a Klingot from Oklahoma in human boy form."
    "We came, we saw, we conquered... We, woke up!"

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    The Artoo case is definitely the best of the bunch. Way cool playset feature.

    But it's a little small. Doesn't hold much in the way of figures.

    Heck, if Hasbro keeps cranking out Astrodroids, soon I'll be able to fill it with just those . . .actually, that'll be pretty cool.

    PS -- I don't carry my figures around with me either. But they're great for storing loose figs.

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    Well that R2 carry case was 30 over here. What's that to you - about $45? They're just so damned expensive we don't want them. TRU had tons of them just sitting there. The Falcon carry case got ridiculously expensive if you could find it at all because the scalpers got wind of the figure variant and suddenly the whisper got round that the damned case was 'rare' so the price hits the ceiling. Who wants to pay 80 for a carry case? not me. I don't want to pay 10. They just aren't worth the money. Now, if they put out a case that was made properly and resembled the scanning crews blue case from ANH, I'd buy that. Just trays inside to lay the figures in and layers of trays you just lift out. Kinda like a fishing tackle box. With maybe a spwecial layer for accessories. That'd be cool. You could try any of the cases from the movies. Amidalas storage trunks from the starship, Those white hexagonal things from docking bay 94, the credit cases that Han gets paid off with in ANH. You could make one out of a mouse droid. Or even a power droid. Anything in star wars that's square or rectangular-ish. Well i like the idea but obviously Hasbro don't give a monkies about carry cases either or else they'd have thought of this too.


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