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    By the way, Rogue I tried to send a private message to you in the past, but I don't think you were set up.

    To Sithdroid, I haven't heard back from you. I am sure that there is a black hole out their that I am loosing emails to.

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    Like I said in my above post, I have nothing against either of you two. I know from your previous posts that you are collectors just like I am. I know that SithDroid buys two of everything, one to open and one to keep in the package. I don't have a problem with this at all. I buy a select few figures to open and display, but other than that I only buy one of everything. I agree that these are also directed at children. I don't have a problem with them getting them either, because I am 23 years old and I have collected different toys for years. I am not even upset if the guy that bought 3 AT-ST's was really purchasing these for his friends. I have done this before myself. I am upset because it seems as if others are reading these posts and getting to the stores before we are and buying up what is on the shelves. I can't believe that someone would unknowingly stop by TRU and happen to fing the AT-ST and luck into 3 of them without knowing before hand. The same thing goes for the Zutton wave I saw last week. I know when I left I had one set and there were 5 more sets still there. I am willing to bet that the same person walked out with 10 figures, that being 5 of each firgure after seeing my post. I am also willing to bet that if I checked enough comic shops here in town, I would find the AT-ST for $50 or $60 dollars. This I can not bring myself to do: pay twice as much for something that just came out. I don't have the extra cash to spend on things like this. $30 was pretty good if you can get it at TRU. I will not pay double for it. Thanks for letting me know you have 2 force, but I don't really have anything to trade at this time. I think for now I will keep checking TRU in hopes that I can find one there. I don't think that the one by me has gotten them in yet and I will be down by Dodge again tomorrow. Like you SithDroid, I might just start buying my figures online. I could have gotten the Bo Shek wave the other day from the fan club, but thought I would wait rather than spend $9 a figure. I realize now that maybe I should have just bought them anyway. From now on I think I might just buy extras of figures when I find them and see if either of you two need them and if you don't, I will just return them. Thanks for your support.

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    Hi, I'm not from NE. but myself and JEDIpartnr are having the same problem here in Cleveland, OH. As soon as I post something or JEDIpartnr posts something about a new find the next day all the figures ect. are GONE from that store. I like to look on E-Bay to see where these people are selling from. Here is an example: went to TRU in Parma, OH looking for the AT-ST-the guy said that they had them-sold fast. So I go on E-Bay and I see a listing for four of them selling from the Parma area. Can you say SCALPER?? Take Care and HH.

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    To Rogue Ldr, SithDroid and nonscalpers

    I realize that this is not much advanced notice, but I would be willing to meet at say McDonalds at 114th and Dodge tomorrow morning, 3/23/02, at say 8:30 to come up with a better way to help each other out. I'm sure we've all walked over each other's fresh foot prints to find out that there wasn't anything new on the shelf that day. Just saying that if we work together, we can cover the same ground in less time in fewer trips as a group.

    I'll be the guy with the faded New York Yankees Hat on.

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    I won't be able to join you because I have to work. Good luck finding anything everyone (except you scalpers)
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    Now I know that my idea about others looking at our posts is right. If you look at how many times our thread has been viewed, it says it has been viewed 140 times! I have only looked at this probably 10 times myself, and I know both SithDroid and force have not looked at this 130 times between the two of them.
    And I highly doubt that all of these viewers are from other states since it says NE on the original post. I won't be able to meet tomorrow morning either, but I am going out looking for toys tonight and I will let you know if I find something. Someone said in another forum that the date had been moved from March 16 to March 23 on the preview figures. I am hoping maybe I can find these a day early, but probably not. Jedi Drew at least made me realize that this is happening in other cities too. Also, I have fixed the private messaging problem, so you can now send me a private message to let me know where you have found items.

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    Hey Guys. I am probably one of the ones that hits your thread on a regular basis. I live in Des Moines, however I travel to Omaha almost every weekend. By no means am I a scalper, and I know how frustrated you are. I have actually had a really good week (AT-ST, Boshek wave, and Preview figs - except Jango) all in Des Moines, which is a very rare occurance. Last Friday I went to every single WalMart and TRU in Omaha and found jack S***. I couldn't believe it. I usually pop into that comic store on 84th Street by Shopko, however usually the prices are so high on everthing that I just leave laughing, although they do have a pretty decent selection. If I come across any more of the waves I refer to earlier, I will let someone know and I would gladly pick them up and sell them to retail price of course! Have a good one!

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    Well since SithDroid and Rogue Leader can't make it, I'll probably just go through drive-through.

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    This is a public forum system and the idea is that everyone will view them. If you don't want your post viewed, use the Private Message feature.
    I feel a great disturbance in the Force.

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    Guys, perhaps you might want to create a new club in the Collector's Clubs section of the forums:
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