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    I am not upset that our posts are being read by others. I just wish that some of the people in Omaha that are reading our posts would sign up with the website and tell us where they are finding things. I just feel that things would go along a lot easier if we all helped each other out rather than compete against one another. I have a hard time believing that no stores in Omaha are getting in any of these new products at all. I am glad that cjranck found items in Des Moines because this shows that the new toys are at least being found in the midwest and close to us. Hopefully something new will turn up here very shortly without scalpers getting them like the comic shop that cjranck visits. I know which store your referring to and a few years ago a friend and I went into that shop. The guy who owns it told us about how he knew when and where certain stores were getting in toys. He then gave us a "helpful" hint as to when Target was going to put out a new batch of figures. We went when he told us to and there was no sign of new figures. Then next day we went back to his comic shop and he had all the new figures he had told us Target was putting out. Another kid was working behind the counter and told us the owner had connections at the stores that get him the toys before they make it to the shelf. That is the last time I ever went into that shop. Just thought that you guys would find the story interesting.

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    Really. Interesting. I never knew that. Well I know which comic shop that is and it doesn't surprise me. The owner is a huge a-hole. I go in there every once and a while. This is how ridiculously overpriced he sells stuff, the new waves he sells for $15 a piece including the millions of Ketwols that can be found everywhere. How this guy makes a profit of this stuff is beyond me. I did get a really good deal back in the day though. I traded him an orange carded Tusken Raider (when they first cme out) for a 1/2 circle Boba Fett. The orange carded TR didn't hold his value, but my 1/2 circle Fett did, so I feel good about that trade. I doubt he sells any because they always have them when I go in there and who in their right mind would pay that for a figure you can get for $6.44 - $6.99 around town. Well now that you told me about this comic book store I will not give them any more of my business, not like I really did in the first place. I would buy a comic here or there every once in a while, so I guess I'll just go somewhere else because there are tons of comic books stores around here where I can get the stuff I need.
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    NE AOTC Preview figs

    Hey guys, I'm new to the message board. I always check out this site for new stuff all the time. I recently found the AOTC preview figures at Wal-Mart in Lavista and the TRU on 72nd and Dodge. They were picked over pretty good, but I managed to grab a couple of Jango Fetts. You omaha guys please respond back to me and let me know you're out there................

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    I was just at TRU Thursday and there weren't any Preview figures. Man, I'm sure they are gone by now, but I'll go and check tomorrow. I think that its because there is a huge scalper problem in this city. A certain comic book store here sells them for $15 a piece. Twice the price. What a rip-off. Someone here knows that they are getting them from the retail stores.
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    Angry A "certain" comic book store

    Yes a certain comic book shop you refer to does have a few scalpers working for him. He pays them a couple extra bucks and gives them deals on his stuff. I know, I've seen one of the guys in his pocket and Wal-mart. He was holding the Eath Koth wave in his hands, (picking the shelf clean) and then behold!!!!! This shop has the whole lot of them for $20 !!!!!!!!!!!! I've talked with the guy before, (what a mistake) and he said that he used to have somebody at the TRU on Dodge but the kid got fired, and has somebody at Target and Walmart. I don't know which ones they work at though. I buy from a distributor so I usually don't have to look for too many figures. I know a guy who has a booth at an antique mall called the Blue Ribbon on around 65th and Grover. He is pretty low on stuff, but we are saving our money for AOTC. I go through so if you see something on there that you want, let me know and maybe I can arrange it. I'm out of breath so happy hunting!!!!!

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    I would really like to sit down with the owner of that comic book store and talk to him about how he is taking advantage of all the SW fans in Omaha by buying up all the product. I don't understand why he has people go from store to store for him. It seems like it would be much easier, and cheaper, to buy directly from Hasbro. That way the figures show up directly at the sotre and he can put them out. But hey if he wants to be a scalper, then I guess we all know that he only cares about $$$ than actually letting people get what they want.

    I for one don't shop there. I've picked up a couple of things from them in the past, but nothing much and I REFUSE to give them any more business due to their scalper practices. I don't give my business to people who make it hard for me to get things I want.
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    Skuupa, good to see another Forumite from Omaha. Iíve caught a couple of your posts and was wondering if youíre trying to set up a collector club? I tried once before to set a time and place for some of us to meet, but it was pretty short notice. So, does anyone want to revisit the idea to meet to discuss leveraging off of each others collecting efforts to make it easier on the group as a hole? Iím just saying that we could out maneuver the comic shops and scalpers pretty easily if we worked as a group.

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    Not a bad idea

    I don't want to sound like too much of a nerd, but that sounds like a pretty good idea. I don't like to jump from store to store only to find I have wasted my whole morning for nothing!!! I also have access to ordering through retailers so if I could set up enough people to buy stuff we could all get what we want!!! I still like going to the stores to find my stuff, because ordering them I always get stuck because I order so little. Keep me posted.

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    What sort of retailers? I wouldn't mind ordering from a retailer, as long as the price is reasonable. However I think that with all the AOTC stuff that will be arriving here in 11/12 days will be in abundance everywhere for a while to come. All I'm looking for right now are Teebo, BoShek, R4-M9, Zutton, Eeth Koth, and the AOTC Preview figures.
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    teebo wave

    The retailers i am talking about are the ones I can purchase at wholesale cost, (which is not that much cheaper). Check out and click on star wars. There is tons of Lego crap, buy you'll see the case assortmans still available to order. If I had a group of people to go in on it, I could order anything on there. I would, but I am short of money right now. You have to make a small minimum purchase and it drains money pretty quickly. Plus sometimes they never come in for a while. I saw the Teebo wave available to order, but I don't know if it takes all the fun out of it. I'm glad one of you respond back, so it at least makes it seem worth the time. Thanks!!!

    I'll also PM you tommorrow if I find any Preview figs, so check it in the morning!!!


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