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    storage containers / bags

    Can anyone out there give me a couple suggestion on where I can find storage containers / bags for loose figures. I'd be interested in local or online retailers. I already know they can be found at the comic shop that is so often referred to whenever the discussion turns to scalpers.

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    I store my loose figures in baggies. They have smaller ones that fit the 3 3/4" figures real well. Any grocery store should have them. Plus there is like 100 per box, so it doesn't cost that much.
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    I am only 13 but I just got the At-st/speederbike for my birthday.[4-14] I went to the tru out by the Oakiew mall and they had at-st's everywhere. they probably had about twenty. they have them on the shelf by the preview figures and on shelf at the very top. Hope u are able to find one. I agree that the Omaha area sucks when it comes to star wars figures and stuff.

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    Thanks for the info. I was able to score the rest of the preview figures out there. Boy it actually looks like TRU ordered quite a lot of the Preview figures. There must have been about 20-30 of each character there tonight when I went at 9 o'clock. Well at least the scalpers won't be able to buy them all up. If you need the Preview figures I suggest you stop in there.
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    Does anyone know if either of the TRU are doing the midnight madness thing. I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't.

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    Toys R us midnight madness

    I went to the toys r us on Dodge, and they had a sign on the front door saying that they would open at 8:00 a.m. on Tues to get the new figures. It looks like another dissappointment in Omaha once again!!!!! And they are the flagship store that gets everything in the most quantities, so I would assume that none of the other ones will either. On a side note, I was at wal-mart on Thurs. morning and snagged a couple of boxes of EII figures off of the pallet and took them up to the sporting goods department. They ringed up "no sale" but I told the cashier they were just put out so they overrided the system. In these I found:

    Boba fett
    coruscant security ( the cool red royal guard)
    Super battle droid
    tusken raider
    genisian warrior
    dexter jexster
    plo kloon
    tae sinn (or whatever his name is)

    and many other normal ones like r2-d2 and stuff. these have to be some of the best molds I have seen for star wars. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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    Anyone want to trade for Darth Tyranus?

    Are there any of you Nebraska/Iowa guys out there that want to trade for a Darth Tyranus? I have a royal guard, yoda, Taun we, and Urlani Jedi that I would be more than willing to trade for. I looked everywhere and didn't find him. Any suggestions? Let me know where you guys found all the good stuff. I was at Wal-Mart at Midnight but it was a joke. Rude star wars freaks pushing people aside like they weren't going to be at any other store ever. Let me know what kind of experiences you guys had.

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    I need Count Dooku as well. He is the only one I wasn't able to find. I think that his shipment just didn't come in in this area. I didn't go to MM at all, I waited until the next day and I found everything just fine.

    By the way since this is the NE spotted AT-ST thread I have to say, the AT-ST can be found at both TRU around here. They had plenty at both.
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    Tie Bomber and Snowspeeder

    I was at wal-mart tonight and they were putting a case of the tie bombers and snowspeeders out. They look really nice, but too bad I have no room for them. On a side note, the count drooku wave was at target, because he is in the same wave as anakin duel and yoda. But he was all gone, I've heard he was really hard to find just about everywhere. Where did you find all of your figures at? I did have a hard time finding yoda and the royal guard.

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    During Midnight Madness, I was at the Fort Wal-Mart and was able to pick up all I needed except for the Count and I forgot to get a Clone Trooper. I was able to go to the 180th St. Wal-Mart the next morning and pick up the one and only Count that was left on their pegs. I almost didnít go to the 180th St. WM out of spite as I was one of approximately a dozen who had arrived for Midnight Madness, when the Manager came out and told us that they werenít doing it. He said that he wasnít even aware of it and didnít have the keys for the storage area / truck, yeah right! I was surprised that only I and another guy spoke up to him in complaint. Since time was of the essence, and talking to the WM manager was like explaining Algebra to a 5-year-old, I split. I made a B-line for the Fort St. WM. Now, I got there at about 12:02 after others were already in the mix. I was patient and eventually ended up pulling a couple of cases off of a pallet, whiles others were still at the isle. I kid you not, but I had a Count in my hand at the Fort St WM, but decided that I didnít want it as it was smashed in one corner. I heard that a mother was there looking for figures for her son and wanted a Count. So I gave it to her. I donít know what store you were at Skuupa, but at Fort WM it seemed to me that most of the people were trying to be helpful.


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