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    Anakin Hangar Duel and Yoda are shipping in three different cases and Count Dooku is only in one of the three with them, so that is why he is so hard to find. Just because a store might have Yoda and HD Anakin doesn't necessarily mean that that was the case containing Dooku.
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    force, I was at the 180th WM at midnight too, but I didn't argue with the manager because I realized that it was doing no good. The funny thing is that at 2:30 in the morning on the Tuesday, they did bring out some cases to put out because I went back after I left the Fort St. WM. I probably saw you at both WMs and didn't know it. I agree that WM on Fort was very helpful. They let people rip open cases on their own and didn't care. I was able to get Dooku at WM on Fort at midnight, and by noon on Tuesday, I had all 27 figures and all the vehicles. I'll keep an eye out for anymore Dooku's and I will send a PM if I find any.

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    Rogue, good to hear that you got them all. For all who missed Dooku don't worry. See, because he will be in atleast two more assortments.

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    I know Wal Mart has a good selection of episode II stuff. They had about 6 slave 1's and 10 jedi starfighter. They had tons of the action figures. I got the only Plo Koon they had at teh time. I also got a Dexter Jettster.

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    Wal Mart is 11 cents cheaper than Toys r us and I think that they have a better selection because I know that the slave 1 and the jedistarfighter are both cheaper at wal mart than they are at toys r us. Today I got a c 3po and a Obi wan kenobi coruscant chase. Good luck hunting and I hope u find what u are looking for.
    P.S. Does anyone know when Wal Mart is going to get the snowspeeder or the tie bomber?

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    The TIE Bomber and Snowspeeder were already released at the Wal Marts here. I snagged my TIE Bomber already, but I didn't pick up a Snowspeeder. I have to worry about space because vehicles take up a lot of it. I don't know if they will get more in or not. I'd ask someone in the toy department if they know, but it is probably unlikely that they will.
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    Where are they at the wal mart in la vista? i couldn't find any of the potj vehicles just the figures. Every time I went to wal mart i saw just the figures.

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    I picked up the Bomber and SS at the LaVista WM about 2 weeks back. They have probably already put out their entire shipment by now. I've since seen them at the 180th St WM, but they are also gone now. A friend told me that they were out on the shelf at the Fort WM, but they are no longer on the shelf there either. You may want to check the Council Bluffs WM. I would probably try to call first, but it doesn't seem like you get the same results as when you go there yourself. You may want to look for the sku / skn numbers which have been posted under the POTJ link several times. I did a quick search and came up with the WM item number thanks to Jedi Drew's post:
    WM Item #784384 SW Snowspeeder
    Wm Item #784391 SW TIE Bomber

    Good Luck.

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    Any leads to getting a Drooku?

    I have searched everywhere here in Omaha and have yet to find a Drooku. I've found way too many yodas and anakins but still no drooku. I have had success in finding the royal guard wave on numerous occassions. Please let me know if you can help out!!!

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    Patience young Jedi.

    Keep checking, they will soon sprout up like Dandy Lions as far as the eye can see.

    BTW, did you end up getting the Teebo waive at wholesale and what did it cost? I have a couple of guys that would be interested in a case, but it would depend on the price.


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