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    Teebo wave

    I placed an order for 3 cases of the teebo wave. The sales rep couldn't confirm they would be getting anymore of them or not. The cost to me (which I probably shouldn't say) ha ha is actually still $62 a case. If I could get some in, then I would be a nice guy and sell them for cost plus some shipping. I would say about $24 for the set, but that's if i can even get them in. on a side note, I found the dooku's and every other figure at 1 particular location. If you want to know please e-mail me and I'll let you in on it. Thanks

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    Bespin Wave

    I just found the bespin wave at TRU at 72nd and dodge. There was 1 Qui-gon, so they wave must have been there........... Let me know, Im still looking for the qui-gon wave and the bo-shek wave.

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    Well I was at TRU on Dodge last night at 9pm and they didn't have any. I went to check again today and they put out some HD Anakins, Yoda, and Count Dooku, but no Bespin Wave and that was at 2:45. What time did you see them there? If they had any the certainly sold out quick.
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    qui-gon wave

    I was there on Monday morning and they had a few of them. I'm going out looking weds. morning to see if i can find anything new. I really haven't seen anything else new for a while, pretty much just dooku and yoda everywhere.

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    Bespin Wave

    Just at kaybe at the crossroads and they had the bespin wave with luke, darth vader, and mace windu and 1 qui-gon. Which now means no qui-gons left. Most were in bad shape, but i managed to grab a couple good ones. This is actually the only qui-gon figure that actually looks decent!!!

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    Cool, I'll check tomorrow for them, even though KB is way overpriced I definately want to try and find a Bespin Luke Bloody Hand version. If you find one of him, pick up an extra for me and I'll pay you back.
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    bespin wave

    If I could generate some interest, go to and go to the section that says "NEWS" and go down. They just recieved the new AOTC assortment with endor soldier and qui-gon and a couple others. If anyone out there wants to get on some of these figures, I will order them on Monday if they have any left. Please let me know by then. The cost will probably be around $7. They cost me $6 and the shipping will be at least a buck from them to me. Just to show you that stores don't make any money off of star wars figures.

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    Supreme Chancellor wave

    It kind of looks like I am posting replys to myself, but I'll do it anyway. I find the Supreme chancellor and bounty hunter wave along with more qui-gon and rebel soldiers the eye could see. I did find one of the new genosian warriors, but the others in the wave were gone. If you want to know where leave me a message and i'll let you know. I also found more of the darth vader wave but did not see any lukes with bloody hands.

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    skuppa, please PM me and let me know where they are so I don't have to go to every single store. Thanks.
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    has anyone found the alien bounty hunter that is black? i forgot his name but i can not find jim anywhere. i have gone to most of te comic book stores in omaha and the tru's and walmarts and found nothing.


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