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    supreme chancellor and djas puhr wave

    Yes I just foud them on Monday at Wal-mart. I posted this a couple of days ago, but I'm sure they are long gone by now. There were about 5 of each but there were other people looking through them as I grabbed a pair. Hopefully there will be more coming in soon.

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    has anyone else had trouble putting the stickers on jango fett's slave 1 on the inside of the cockpit because i thought it was really hard and took me awhile. does anyone else feel the same waya or am i just a retard

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    by the way where did u buy your slave 1? because at wal mart they had them for only 24.99 and at tru they had them for 29.99.
    whats the deal with tru charging 5 more bucks just for a vehicle. and the jedi starfigther is only 20 at wal mart and 24.99 at tru. did anyone else see this

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    Djas Puhr, the Palpatine wave, Darth Vader, and Luke Bespin are long gone from Pappillion/LaVista. I went there yesterday and they were all gone. Luckily though I was able to get the Endor Rebel Soldier, Qui-Gon Jinn, Mace WIndu, Boba Fett Final Battle, and Orn Free Taa. Now all I need is Luke Bespin (Bloody version if possible), Vader, and Massiff along with the Palpatine Wave.
    "Good. Bad. I'm the guy with the gun."

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    Here's what you do

    Listen Up, if you see these scalpers stand up to them.
    I've been to Toys R Us a couple times at opening and I see the guys go right in the isles and go to a cetain ring and grab the hidden figures their buddies hid them.

    I've also been in the Sw isle and seen a cart full of goodies, the only guy around was maybe a 50 year old? halfway down the isle getting some X-Men sutff, I started looking through the cart, there were 4 of some figures, ( this was when the Tarkins, garindins, and sandtroopers, and ponda babas and original POTF2 green cards were rare) and all of a sudden the guy yells hey thats my stuff, I back off a bit and say sorry, I look on the shelves and there is nothign but older ****, This got me ****ed as I needed a lot of those figures he had in his cart, and I had the money, but there were no others left on the shelves, so I went and got a manager quick and we met this bastard at the register, the manager made him leave with about half the stuff he was tryign to pick up, I got what I wanted from the rest of it.

    If you get a manager and explain the problem you'll be able to help your friends.

    Sorry for any typos

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    why is there a guy from wisconsin in a nebraska chat?
    just wondering.

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    Cuz, I have pals in that state, wondering if they can hook me up with stuff

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    luke bespin

    Hey sithdroid, there were a couple of bespin lukes at the crossroads kaybee store. I put one in the crowed aisle so that maybe you could get it. The card was in OK shape, but if you cant find one then theres a good chance. They also had a couple of vaders and plenty mace and jango.

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    i went to kb at crossroads today and i found no mace's or jango final battles. Has anyone seen the jango fett final battle because i have liiked just about everywhere and tomorrow i am going to tru to see if they have one. if you see one could you email me at

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    guess what i just found out? Nikto the jedi from aotc is actually one of jabba's skiff guards from potf2. He has almost the same face and all they changed was the body. Hasbro is just taking old figures and making them jedi.


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