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    if anyone is looking for the nexu there were a couple at wal mart. I finally found my jango fett final battle.

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    also jango fett final battle and dart vader bd and mace are at the super target in la vista. who would of thought it?

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    eoth koth

    I was at the toys r us on dodge the other day before work, and what did I find? An Eoth Koth!! He was mixed in with the preview figures. he must have been returned or something because he was the only one. Not very exciting, but I had to post something.

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    12" Jango Fett At TRU

    I found the 12" Jango Fett at Tru, and it cost around $40. Looks pretty cool, a lot like the Luke anniversary figure. Otherwise I can't find much else at all.


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