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    NE spotted AT-ST

    AT-ST at TRU at 72nd & Dodge.

    There were approximately 6 on the shelf.

    I didn't spot any new figures, but post a reply if they appear (the truck isn't completely unloaded).

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    I'll check tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully they are still there and I hope they put out some new figures. I'll post here if anything new is in. Come on TRU please have something since you NEVER do.
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    I was at TRU today at 12:30 pm. No At-ST at all. And as I have stated in many threads TRU SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you think that they might actually order enough for people. NO. But I guess that's ok because I guess instead I could get a new N'SYNC Doll or some cr*ppy stuffed animal. I swear if it wasn't for the fact that the AT-ST is only exclusive to them, then I wouldn't walk in there. By the way, I'll be going around tomorrow to different stores to see if the Preview figures will be getting put out anywhere. If I find any, I'll post it.
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    I just missed you SithDroid. I got to TRU at about 12:00 p.m. There were no sign of any for me either. I was at both TRU in Omaha today and I saw nothing. I haven't had any luck on finding any of the preview figures early either. I am going shopping again tomorrow and I too will post if I am lucky enough to find anything, but I doubt that I will find anything. Our stores don't seem to be putting anything out at all. I am a little worried that the AT-ST will be difficult to find around here.

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    I agree. I wonder sometimes if there is a huge scalping issue in this town.
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    They're back.

    TRU must have gotten another shipment because their were about 5 AT-ST w/ speeder bikes on the shelf at noon.

    I didn't see any new figures.

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    I finally got one. Thanks for the info. They were still there when I got there at 3:45. However when I was looking at them a man in his 50's came by and grabbed three of them and took off. Now I know for sure there is a scalping issue in our city. I wanted to say to him, "hey leave some for other people who need them." I only got one instead of two for right now because space is a main concern for me and also I don't have $60 bucks right now to spend on them. The AT-ST is pretty cool looking, however I never realzied how tiny it is. I would love to see one that is actually to scale. Oh well. Some day when I get my own house I will build my own to scale AT-ST.
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    I got to TRU at 4:30 and they were all gone. This following rant has nothing to do with SithDroid or force, because I really appreciate their help and the fellow collectors like me who are out to get these items. I have come to realize that there are other people from Omaha on these boards that are reading our posts about where to find things and they are the ones that are going out and snagging all of the good items. This upsets me very much. As the three of us try to help each other out and let each other know where we saw things and at what time we saw them, there are others from our city on these forums that are reeping the benefits of our hunting for new toys and in return they are not telling us about what they find and where they find it. They are only on this site to benefit themselves and they are not helping other collectors like myself, SithDroid, and force. Because of these people, I am now very unsure whether I will continue to post my findings on these forums because it seems like we are not gaining any ground at all here. I am still missing the AT-ST from TRU, the four AOTC preview figures, the Jedi Starfighter, and the three figures from the Bo Shek wave. Like I stated above, this post had nothing to do with SithDroid or force. It is something that I observed of others.

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    I agree with you!!!

    Now, when I was reading Sithdroid's reply about some dude that grabbed 3 AT-ST exclusives, I immediately though the worst, greedy scalper. However, as I gave it a moment another idea settled in. Maybe the guy was just grabbing one for himself and two friends. Now that doesn't bother me!

    Now let me put myself under the spotlight. Obviously, I posted the "NE Spotted At-St" thread after I drove to TRU and bought one At-St for myself. I though that I would let other collectors and MORE IMPORTANTLY!...children have a chance to get an At-St for themselves. Realizing the chances of that were thin at best.

    Trying to be a person who practices what he preaches, I only picked up one At-St today, because in my eyes it was another shipment and I put the time in by going back on another day.

    So, this is what I propose:

    SSG is a good thing, but IF others are taking information from the site to exploit it for their own gain and don't contribute back (ie. as scalpers) we'll have to just take better care to look out for those who are deserving.

    For instance, within reason, I would've been happy to pick up an extra At-St for a fellow collector. So here's the good news Rogue Leader, I have an extra At-St with your name on it. And would be happy to trade it to you for an item that I'm looking for or what I paid. Just let me know if you're interested.

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    I thought the exact same thing when I saw that old man grab three of them. I thought, hey maybe he saw that force posted something about it. I know exactly how you feel because the Zutton wave that was there last week was sold out by the time I got there. So I still don't have those two. Plus I am missing the same things that you are Rogue Leader. I still need the 4 preview figures, the Bo Shek wave, and the Jedi Starfighter. I don't think any of them have been found anywhere around here at all. I tried checking last Saturday which was supposed to be the release date for the preview figures, and nothing. I tell you it usually takes me about 3 hours of my time drving from store to store to see if they have anything. I'm beginning to think that it would be a lot less time consuming, plus less gas getting used, if I just ordered them online. It would be so much easier, so unless I happen to run into them within the next month, then that is what I'm going to do. The AOTC will be easy to find because everyone will have them, so hopefully I can get the rest of the POTJ stuff I need.

    Rogue Leader and force. I suggest that if we find something then just do a pm (private message) to one another. That way all these people will not use what we know in order to get what they want. Hey, if you don't want to help, then we're not going to tell you what we know.
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