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    Picked up the Star Wars Scrapbook at Barnes & Noble for $5.98 a few days ago. Everything was actually inside and it was in good condition!
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    My Waldenbooks got a new shipment of the Doug Chiang Phantom Menace collectible artbook in last week. I picked that up for $8 and a 2000 edition of a price guide for $2.

    I'm visiting a Barnes and Noble later this week to see what they have to offer!

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    I picked up the TPM Tin lithograph set at a Waldenbooks for 7.99, and my best friend found one at a B&N for like 10 bucks. I'm just happy I DIDN'T pick one up when they were 56 bucks!!!!
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    I have to drive 25 miles to find a Waldenbooks (or 35 miles if I go west). Booo!!! There used to be one 7 miles away, and now it's a Foot Action...
    Cost for Book Q... $xx.xx
    Cost for Book Z... $yy.yy
    Cost for Book K... $@@.@@
    All these sales... useless.

    Oh, why must I be tortured so? It is utterly impossible for me to get in on these deals. It's hopeless, hopeless...

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    The litho boxed set is nice but it's not $56 nice. I'm glad I waited.

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    Wait, Waldenbooks?

    Psyche! Gotcha!

    Or, did I? Nah. I just didn't want to start a new thread, just stolened an old one.

    The school where I work had a book faire yesterday at the local Barnes & Noble. Not only a percentage of sales to go to the school, but there were various spirit events from students and staff there: poetry reading, cheer and dance performers, band playing, etc. Really neat, really cool. But... I picked up a SW book and I went to buy some "underground" and fairly unknown books for my classroom library. One by a Miller guy, called The Crucible, and another by that FS Fritzgerm-whatever dude famous for the Benjamin Button movie, titled The Great Batboy or something. Not on the shelves for Fiction & Literature nor Drama & Plays?!? Oh. They put them in the High School Reading section (makes some sense I guess; but not in BOTH sections?) which is... right behind all the performers. The employees had no qualms about picking out copies or speaking in full-volume voices, but I said I'd wait until the kids were done. And, the "You Might Be Interested In..." part of my receipt suggested some other Miller plays: Death of a Salesman, All My Sons, and The Crucible? Really? Didn't your high tech computer register know I just bought that one? Eh, for a good cause.
    "May the 4th be with you?" "Why yes, thank you for asking."


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