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    Was anybody from the Forums lucky enough to be in the TLJ panel, seeing the trailer for the first time? :jealous:
    I predict that the upcoming Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi film will include the word "and." Multiple times.

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    I saw the trailer this morning (from the comfort of my living room) and tried to post here, but kept getting "the server is busy" response. To preface my thoughts on it, I'll state that the final line of the first trailer for TFA where Han tells Chewy "We're home" absolutely brought me to tears in the Anaheim Convention Center. It was meant to tug the heart strings of the faithful and mine duly reacted. This new trailer disappointed me. I'm glad it didn't show a lot - that was ultimately my greatest fear of it, but I really hoped that it would just be a series of images with a voiceover of "When gone I am, last of the Jedi you will be" or "For a thousand generations, the Jedi were the guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy..." To conclude with Luke saying no more Jedi after a whole trailer of him training a new Jedi just didn't do it for me. But there were AT-ATs, so at least there was that. My anticipation for this is far more muted than it was before this morning and certainly WAY more than it was in 2015 before TFA.

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    Reading through a lot of the post celebration feedback on other sites, it seems pretty clear that minimal to zero efforts were put into addressing the concerns and issues from Anaheim's Celebration.
    I even remember taking a survey and taking quite some time to complete it.

    At any rate, I'm totally expecting Anaheim to host this in 2019 again.

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    I'll start off with this: I had a very good time. This was my sixth Celebration and it won't be my last.

    But like figrin said, it's like they don't learn from previous mistakes. The biggest areas for improvement: the autograph area and the store. More below.

    Getting in Thursday was horrible. The line at 8 a.m. was a half-mile or longer from the convention center. This was the first Celebration where we had to go through security. I understand the need for security but with that many people, you needed to open up more entrances (which they did for Friday) and more metal detectors and security. It got easier as the weekend progressed, and my wife and I walked right in around 8 a.m. Sunday morning, no problems.

    The autograph area was such a mess. I had a snafu; I had two tix changed from Friday to Thursday, which was great. The third tix, which I didn't want changed, was changed to Saturday. I didn't realize this until I was five feet away from getting Gold Leader's signature, and the little scanner the volunteer had wouldn't accept my tix. She didn't know what to do and couldn't find anyone to address the issue. Instead of dealing with the exchange line, which got longer as the day went on, I rolled with it and knocked it out first thing Saturday morning. But the entire area was a cluster fudge. Lines for this actor and that service blurred together. Very confusing. I thought the auto area for Orlando '12 was laid out better.

    The store. Regardless of who the event organizer is, they have not gotten this thing right at all. Total chaos. I waited 5 hours Saturday to get a poster, a mug, program and a patch, and trust me, there wasn't much left because it was sold out. A shout out to a volunteer named Josiah who rang up my purchases. The last con poster had been sold, but Josiah had a few behind the counter where people changed their minds. I have a poster from all eight Celebrations, and was more than a little ticked off that the poster sold out. On Sunday afternoon, I can understand, but Saturday? It wasn't unusual for the line to be capped and people told to come back in an hour to re-enter. The group I was with just stood there and waited. The few, the proud, the undeterred.

    That's the ugly. And now the good.

    I got to see the live stage show of Smuggler's Revenge. I missed the previous performances but was lucky to get the wristband for this one. It was worth it. The jury is still out for me on the wristband thing. I remember at Celebrations past where you just got there an hour or so before and you got in. At least with the wristband, you're guaranteed a seat. Also got a wristband for the Mark Hamill Himself talk on Sunday. It was in the spill-over room but it was enjoyable.

    The lottery worked on the Funko POP line, too. Never got picked for the Lego lottery. The line for the Hallmark ornament was nuts every morning. Two hours for the McQuarrie stormie on Thursday.

    Patience is a virtue, and it paid off with Hasbro. Walked right up around 6:30 pm Friday and got the Luke X-wing figure. That was the shortest the line had been all day, and apparently the only day where you could just walk up. At least I'd been told.

    Some of the regular SW vendors -- Entertainment Earth, Brian's Toys -- weren't in attendance. It did go noticed. A vendor I buy from at a toy show I attend every March was in attendance, and that was a surprise.

    Overall, Celebration was good. The layout worked better than at Anaheim and it didn't feel as cramped. Met old friends, made a few new ones. My wife wants to go to Celebration 2019 wherever it may be. If a survey is sent out, I'd be more than happy to give ReedPop my thoughts. Still plenty of room for improvements.

    Interested to read other attendees' thoughts.

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    One more thing to share. The Hallmark line always had at least 200 people in it. One checkout station. The Hallmark reps said this was more efficient than Anaheim was, where there were two or three checkout stations. And the reps said this was a straight face.

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    For SDCC, Hallmark only has one checkout station but with two registers.

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    One checkout, one register. That really slowed it down.

    Oh, and the lines to the men's room were just as long if not longer than the ladies room.


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