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    A long time ago?

    I heard the no-crawl thing, too. That would be weird (might even get some boos in early showings?).
    It was several months ago. I googled it just now and it still says no opening crawl. It will have the "a long time ago......" but no crawl, apparently keeping that for the main SW films. I'm sure its gonna upset a few people.

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    It will certainly be jarring, but I know I'll learn to deal with it. Perhaps somewhat ironically, I'm pretty sure that almost every Star Wars console video game released in the last few decades has had some sort of a crawl and I've always found it irritating.
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    It'll be odd for me, but definitely not a deal breaker.

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    Been reading different stories on the 'net about how the trailers and the actual movie are different. One theory is some of these scenes (the Scarif battle scenes, in particular) were shot just for the trailers.

    I don't buy that. Just too many complicated scenes to have been filmed for just a trailer.



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