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    Vintage Childhood Sale!

    What up Boiyos, and Goils?! Longtime.

    Not sure if were "allowed" to do this here, but i've always enjoyed SSG and everyone here, even tho i haven't been around as much in the last 6-7 years as I used to be, but i figd I'd just give everyone here a heads up before other sites:

    I'll always love my Star Wars, but as I've gotten older, I'm simply tired of lugging all of my collectibles around anytime I move, or just simply cleaning around them/rearranging them. Most of the time they end up in storage where they cant be appreciated so I've decided to sell almost all(gotta keep a couple pieces, LOL ), of my collection, even my original vintage pieces i've had from when i was a kid. So Ill be selling stuff on Ebay from now til Christmas and ill provide the Auction links here if you care to follow, my ebay handle is aliksir_v. Or if y'all wanna message me to see If I have anything to fill holes in your collection, maybe we can work out a deal here. Most of what I have is Star Wars and Transformers, and Comics. Then alot of odds and ends stuff, of a variety of different collectibles and series.
    Best yet for you guys tho, is that I'm an original Star Wars kid growing up in 70s 80s seeing all original movies in the theatre, so All my stuff is original, original! Now over the years, I have already sold about 60-65% of my collection but it was mostly the very common stuff that i knew didn't have much value; EpI or newer(still have a little tho), but most of what i have left is vintage choice stuff. Now If your looking for vintage figures, just so you know before you ask I don't have any vintage carded before 87, all figures from 77-86 I have are loose from when I was a kid! Unfortunately I never got THAT serious about my collecting(always just for the fun of it) so i never got anything graded, and so prob don't have much for the very high end serious collectors looking for AFA:85 or better, but ill let you guys judge for yourselves...

    Also, if you end up bidding and winning any of my auctions, send me something saying your from SSG, and I'll throw in a free gift or something as an additional Thank You! Probably a comic or common carded figure! Better than a good swift kick in the arse!

    '79 Xwing:
    '78 Tie-Fighter:
    '81 AT-AT Model:
    '92 Harley Quinn:
    '98 POTF Col1:
    '97 POTF Col2:

    This is just a start, as I said they'll be much more to come up until Xmas, so just know I'm not a huge seller on Ebay and don't do it for a living so it takes me a little while to post stuff! Thanks for your time and consideration, and MTFBWY All...Always! Brent. The 'Xir
    "What happens in Indy STAYS in Indy!".
    "The only thing you have to decide, is what to do with the time that is given to you".

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    Hey guys. Just wanted to let you guys know I havent listed anything new yet, bcuz someone offered me a deal on my whole collection, so I should know in next day or two if were doing anything. if not, i should list some new stuff by Wed! If youve checked this thread out or clicked on any of the links, Thank You! I appreciate the interest. I got lots of common stuff, but a good amount of vintage juicy stuff too, and why I threw a Mix of stuff in the links above. I mainly have Star Wars, Transformers, and DC collectibles, so again if I dont sell it all this week, Ill continue to list stuff up until Xmas, so keep checking back. ThanX again! and MTFBWY All...Always! Brent. The 'Xir
    "What happens in Indy STAYS in Indy!".
    "The only thing you have to decide, is what to do with the time that is given to you".

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    Sorry haven't updated in awhile, been busy. Well, they didn't buy my whole collection, but did bundle some of my more choice pieces, including my SW: Xwing, SW: Tie-Fighter and ESB: Millenum Falcon. Still some Choice pieces left tho with more to come! keep checking in!

    ESB: Imperial Troop Transport:

    Vintage Loose Figure Lot:

    Not so Vintage, :

    Galoob MM set:

    Black Series Rey:

    More to come...

    Hope everyone has a wonderful, happy and safe holiday season! MTFBWY All... Always!
    "What happens in Indy STAYS in Indy!".
    "The only thing you have to decide, is what to do with the time that is given to you".


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