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    Will Hasbro make a 6" carded vintage line beyond the 40th?

    21 backs. This was the count of figures made and showing on the back of the cards for a new hope before The Empire Strikes Back came out. With R5 D4 and Luke X-Wing, this leaves only 7 6 inch figures left to put on Star Wars card backs. Greedo is already made. They could go as far as making 22 figures to include blue snaggletooth but the original hammerhead and walrus man could be coming. And Boba Fett is already made. The Death Star Droid uses the C3PO body. The gonk Droid would be all new. They could continue with a New Hope figures and make a power of the Force card for Luke Stormtrooper. He is already made. The Han Solo Stormtrooper figure exists to and could come up in a mock-up of a fruit loop cereal box.

    But if we look at original Empire Strikes Back figures made you have Han Hoth, Luke Hoth, snowtrooper and Lando, and the AT&T driver, Yoda TIE fighter pilot, Luke Bespin, Bossk, IG-88 are also made.

    Basically Hasbro can double down on all the six inch figures and just change their cards. People can buy the figures they missed or collect these nice cards.

    Cheap for Hasbro because they only have to pay for a limited tooling. They can get away with this between movies. But the Cantina aliens and eventually when they get to Jabba's palace, will be welcome new additions. They can also get better sales out of any future young Obi-Wan Kenobi figures and Anakin Skywalker figures. Plus they could make a new Padme that's not from an action scene but displays one of her beautiful dresses like the senator or the yellow waterfalls.

    Vintage card collectors can guarantee sales for people that open their figures two even if they don't have interest in hammerhead and walrus man. It is a good way to get out figures like a six inch bespin security guard who would not have otherwise been made.

    Of course that's going to extend to the prequel figures and sequel Trilogy figures plus vintage card style for rogue one.

    It will increase profits and make the stockholders happy for sure.

    I worry it will further diminish the three and 3/4 inch figures and switch people over to the 6-inch light.

    What do you think?
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    Nah. They ate it hard on that Greedo figure, re-releasing it would be a bad call. They need to be selective about what they release on these cards from now on, it's a cute gimmick but the line needs to be healthy at the end. I think I heard that they are going to be box packaging figures after this, including the Death Star Trooper, so that suggests the cards aren't permanent.

    Also, the boxes on both lines are not great, they're not "special" enough and they're not sporting enough character. The 40ac cards are ok but I am not going to be buying another Han, Luke, R2, etc. just because of that. I'll buy Vader if it's the new sculpt that doesn't look awful.
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    Well, this is why you put the vintage carded Greedo in a box that includes single-carded Walrusman, etc.
    So I don't know if an entire "Anniversary Years" line has been brought up but:

    2017 - ANH 40
    2019 - TPM 20
    2020 - ESB 40
    2022 - AOTC 20
    2023 - ROTJ 40
    2025 - ROTS 20 / TFA 10

    For new never-made figures in 6" it's a great opportunity.

    But ANH had up to a 21-back in the vintage years. They've done new figures with the 12-backs (Jawa, Tusken, Death Star Trooper).

    They could re-card more exsiting figures between 2017 and 2019:

    21-back: Boba Fett, Greedo

    They could use mostly an existing mold for the Death Star Droid (C-3PO).

    4 more molds: Hammerhead, Walrusman, Snaggletooth (and repaint blue), and the Power Droid (Gonk). For 2018, 4 new molds? Easy. Doesn't interfere with things like a new movie line (Rogue One, presently).

    There are other re-packs they could do from ANH that were released in KENNER POTF and ESB waves: TIE Pilot, Luke Stormtrooper, Imperial Officer (Army Lt., black - they could borrow from the Tarkin mold) - plus there is Tarkin now, and Sandtrooper, an easy Wedge and Biggs.

    Anyway, I'd add Luke and Leia Ceremony, Arcona, Dr. Evezan, Devaronian, Gotal, Given, C-Z8, more.

    I'd sell cantina aliens individually carded, but in a box-set to avoid peg-warmers.

    Box sets when you get to TPM with re-card for R2-D2, and adjust The Emperor for Darth Sidious. But you have Maul, Qui-Gon. There exits the body for Obi-Wan.

    Box sets could include TF Droids with Anakin, Queen Padme, Watto, Shmi, Sebulba, Palpatine, Yoda re-carded, Ki-Adi, Plo Koon, Mace.

    Anyway, you get to 2020 and ESB.

    Already done are Han, Luke Hoth, Luke Bespin, Leia (Hoth coming?), re-card Chewie, R2D2, make C-3PO come apart and include a net. Lando is made now. Re-card stormtrooper, snowtrooper, Imperial Officer, TIE Pilot, Death Star Trooper, Vader, Boba Fett, AT-AT Driver, Bossk, IG-88, and make Dengar, Zuckuss, 4-LOM.

    Make a lot of new stuff when there is a chance: 21-B, FX-7, Ugnaught, Lobot, Gen. Veers

    I mean I think you got the idea and I like to type a lot because I enjoy the excitement the possibilities this hobby presents us with.

    What do you think about the figures doNE as anniversary waves in vintage style?
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