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    Next release...................................

    Reissued Transformers!!! Start with Soundwave, Shockwave, and Prowl!


    Oh, is this the wrong board?

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    I would say this is the wrong board. But since this is the topic,

    I'd like to see these lines redone:

    Indiana Jones

    they would go great with the new He-man line that will be coming out.
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    How about complete resculpts of classic Transformers, so they look like the original characters (only more detailed) and have the poseability of the new figures?
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    I'd like to see Hasbro release them again,same as the originals But knowing Hasbro They wont
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    The Japanese Transformer reissues are kinda expensive. I just bought a Starscream reissue off ebay for $35 (including S&H). I just had to get it though, I could not wait to see if they are rerelasing them in the states as well.

    I just saw those He-man figures. All I can say is damn, they are AWESOME!!!

    Too bad we can't get SW figures like that!

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    Oh, hell yeah, Thundercats resculpted like the new He-Man figures. Now we're talking.

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    Besides the transformers, i would like to see some Battle Star Gallactica figures.
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    Battle Star Galactica? Wow, to each his own I guess. I used to dig those bad guy robots though. I had one with a light up eye...

    3 more lines for you, these REALLY do not need to be redone:

    What about the Silver Hawks?


    She-RA!!!(in honor of the new He-Man, haha)

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    I think a Battlestar Galactica line would be pretty cool. I'd love to have a Cylon figure that's to scale with a Stormtrooper figure.
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    I fear a new Battlestar Galactica line of toys as I was personally shot in the eye by my cousin with a Colonial Viper in the late 70's.
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