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    Darth Maul's Death

    I was tempted to post this under Episode II stuff because I think it's pertinent there, but here will be more appropriate.

    Who expected Darth Maul to die in Episode I? I don't recall seeing any spoilers whatsoever on the net about that. That's why I take everything in the Episode II spoilers section with a grain of salt. There may very well be a few surprises.

    Your comments, please.

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    I "knew" before the film's release that Maul would be cut in half, but at first I pictured him being sliced from head to toe Not very practical, eh?

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    Before spoilers confirmed it, I thought both Qui Gon and Maul would have to be worked out of the story because it's about Obi Wan and Anakin's relationship and Anakin had to become the big bad Sith Lord Vader and you can't do that if Darth Maul is still running around.

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    I bought the CD before seeing TPM and found these songs:

    "Qui-Gon's Funeral"
    "Anakin Wins the Race"
    "Darth Maul's Death"
    "Losing Their Trade Franchise"
    "Amidala is a Handmaiden"
    "Anakin Builds a Protocol Droid"
    "Jar Jar Lives"
    "Istalling the New Hyperdrive"
    "Palpatine is Sidious"
    "Queen Breaks the Blockade"
    "Palaptine is Elected"

    So, no I wasn't surprised. I expect less musical spoliers for AOTC.
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    I knew of Maul's death before the release of the film. This may be because I ready the book before it was released!
    I remained mostly spoiler free for Episode I because I didn't have Internet access then so I don't know if there were many spoilers about his death. There probably were.


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    Bel-Cam Jos,

    I bought the CD before the release of the movie but didn't see the titles to the music until after I saw the movie so there wouldn't be any spoilers for me. I just checked my CD again, and I don't see some of the titles you mentioned and certainly not Darth Maul's Death. Which CD do you have?

    And Pendo, didn't reading the book before you saw the movie take away from the excitement? I know I was pretty tense during the saber duel with Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan. Certainly, I knew nothing would happen to Obi-Wan, but I didn't expect Darth Maul to bite it. If anything, I thought he would survive to at least Episode II, but certainly not past III. Are you planning on reading the Episode II novel before you see the movie?

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    I knew, but I didn't read any spoilers, or books, or even the CD. I didn't want to know at all. Some idiot at the mid-night sale turned around in the check out line and told me "Darth Maul Kills Qui-Gon, and Obi-Wan kills Darth Maul, so this Darth Maul figure is going to be worth alot". I didn't beleave that guy until I saw the movie and the scene was set up. I hated that guy, and curse him still. I didn't even know him, and wasn't even talking to him. And that Darth Maul is a real valuable figure now isn't it. Better get your hands on one before they are all gone!

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    What a jerk that guy in line! Sorry to hear it. So are you staying away from spoilers in Episode II?

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    I read the book before seeing the movie, but that only made me want to see the movie more. It was one thing to imagine the story as I was reading, but, being fairly spoiler-free, I wanted to see what everything looked like.
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    I was thinking about reading the book (Episode II), too, for the same reason, but I may want to let it unfold before my eyes first.


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