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    SPOILERS - Jango Fett Comic Discussion - movie spoilers ALLOWED!

    Let me try this to discuss the comic in the context of allowing MOVIE SPOILERS.

    So have you read the new Jango Fett book?

    Wow! Cool story. By the way, I feel I'm in good company playing with my action figures if the most famous bounty hunter in the galaxy does it, too!

    Did your book have repeating pages? Mine had like 4 I think.
    When Jango gets the idol and blows away the dude that dies giving him that warning....through the part when Zam takes it away from him - yeah - that's the part that was inserted twice during binding. Strange. Was it only my book, or did Dark Horse's binders make a big mistake?

    Anyway, a couple of things: Will Boba ever meet Zam? How far into the past before E2 does this take place?

    I thought that if Boba takes to Zam like the mother he never had, it will be even more tragic to push the kid over the edge to setting him on a path to kill all the Jedi for the death of "both" his parents.

    I also thought that they made Zam out to be such a good girl - I can forgive her for killing almost any Hutt. So will she and Jango get together? If they have a romance, it will even be more tragic if he has to kill her so she won't be interogated by Obi-Wan and Anakin.

    Like if he falls in love with her, but knows his duty - or if he thinks he's doing her a favor by keeping her out of Jedi hands.

    Jango already doesn't seem to like Force-sensitives. Do you think that's because he IS a Force-sensitive? The background on Jango I've heard is forthcoming in another Dark Horse project - and he was a farmer. Well, Jedi wash-outs can be sent into the AgriCorps to help use their scientific knowledge to help people produce enough food to stop worlds from starving during famines. Maybe that's also why those in the shadows chose to Clone HIM for the Troopers.

    This book doesn't answer who was Boba's mother, too. Obviously it was not Zam. Is he or isn't he a Clone? What we've read of spoilers suggests Boba is a Clone. Jango must have been so lonely without other Jedi (if that's the storyline) and so unrestful in the AgriCorps that he paid the price so he could have a family. That's understandable - though not a confirmed storyline. What do you guys think? Would you like to see it go that route? It makes a lot of sense to me.
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    If I am not mistaken , Jango Fett takes place 5 years before Episode 2. i cannot remember the source, but I read it on one of the websites. As for the book itself, great story, not-so-great art.
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