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Thread: Waterworld!

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    There's a crap movie only version out there, but like Robin Hood:Prince of Theives, or any Quentin Tarantino film, I refuse to get it in the hopes that a Special Edition is on the way.

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    I avoid any movie Kevin Costner is in. He has to be one of the worst actors in Hollywood IMHO.
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    Wow, there are more like me.

    I thought this movie was enjoyable--a tad brainless at times, and the science didn't work, but a fun watch. Dennis Hopper was excellent, and the score was good as well.

    I think derek's right--critics wanted it to fail.

    As for Postman, I've never seen it, but my girlfriend swears it's a great movie. And she's an English teacher who can't stand most of the action movies I like, so that's pretty high praise. Besides, Tom Petty's in it, so it has to be a four-star movie just because of that.
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    Re: Mabudon's 15 cents

    Originally posted by mabudon
    And how could Costner have been a trader when he'd never been to the only town on earth?? (maybe this gets explained in the cut scenes)
    Nope, it explains it right there easily, there is a trading network, ship to ship or in some type of post. Btw, that wasn't the only "town" on Earth, it wasn't even a town, it was where those people lived, just like the people on the other place we see and hey, it's a big Earth so there could be hundreds of posts we didn't see. Just watch it and pay attention then boo afterwards, if you still don't like it that is.

    Originally posted by Caesar
    derek, that part about the director is interesting - who quit? Kevin Reynolds is credited as director, was he a replacement? I'll have to snoop around . . .
    First it was Reynolds then he quit and Costner took over for the rest of it.
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    Re: Re: Mabudon's 15 cents

    Originally posted by LTBasker

    First it was Reynolds then he quit and Costner took over for the rest of it.
    More accurately, there was strife between the two on set, but Reynolds finished the film, turned in his cut, and walked out. Costner had to take over the "editing" to get the version we saw in theatres. Oddly enough after butting heads on both Robin Hood and Waterworld, these two chuckleheads are considering working together on a pirate movie about Okra Cove where Blackbeard had his final showdown with Capt. whatisname of the Royal navy...Get a clue you two.

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    Kevin Costner is not a bad actor. No, not at all. He's done a handful of films I've really liked.

    Wyatt Earp was awesome! It plays more like a drama than Tombstone (the better of the two on this story), but Wyatt Earp does go back and give you the whole biography of the lawman - it just lacks Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday, and in Tombstone, a lot of the Cowboys were played by better actors - like the guy who plays Johnny Ringo. Bill Pullman was good in Wyatt Earp too, though. Plus it had Gene Hackman who is a great actor!

    Dances with Wolves was a very cool flick that made you think. It also just made you appreciate the simpler things in life. We couldn't live that way and be at peace with ourselves, just wandering like that - while having to tote our entire Star Wars collection on our backs

    And in J.F.K. he was convincing as Jim Garrison - or at least making a passionate alternative to what the government would have us believe happened to President Kennedy.

    I don't have any issue with Kevin's acting ability. He takes good roles.

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    I liked Waterworld. Its not my favorite film, but I thought it was good. It was definately one of the more original futuristic sci-fi movies out there.

    They did in fact release the mariner's boat as a toy. I remember my KB toys had one for about 5 years, it was discounted to $3. It was still there the day the KB closed.
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    Originally posted by Rollo Tomassi
    There's a crap movie only version out there, but like Robin Hood:Prince of Theives, or any Quentin Tarantino film, I refuse to get it in the hopes that a Special Edition is on the way.
    Quick note, Robin Hood: Prince of Theives is getting the special edition DVD treatment this year. Can't wait for this one.

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    Once I finally saw Waterworld, I was surprised at just how badly this film got dogged. It is ok, not the best movie ever, but I was entertained.

    I actually like Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves quite a bit.
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    Guilty pleasure...

    I really enjoyed this movie as well. It was kinda like "Sea World presents Mad Max", but in a really good way. I thought the concept and the sets were good. I also thought the plot was sufficient to carry the viewer through the two hours of this film. It was probably one of the better Costner films that didn't have JFK in it.
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