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Thread: Waterworld!

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    I just watched this movie again. I like it every time I see it!

    It was a great concept and well done!

    I wished I'd collected the toys. It was the fact that the Mariner's boat never was released that disappointed me most!

    Did anybody ever see that toy hit the shelves?

    Anyway, I don't recall the figures being that good either. Didn't "Kenner" make them though?

    Well, I jet ski quite often, so the whole thing about a fight on the water is way too awesome!

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    Wow, someone ELSE who likes this movie!

    The mariner's boat was released actually, if I remember right from the commercials (been a long time) it was rather big and quite cool. I think it could actually float too.

    I'm not sure if it's only my state that has the channel but I've got digital cable and theres this channel called 'WAM' and they cut out some scenes like when they show the woman naked from the back and it doesn't show the two guys getting shot after the invasion but the best part is they add in alot of the deleted scenes, it's alot better than the regular version actually, explains alot of things that aren't all that noticeable unless you think about them, like how the Mariner got the jet ski, and how that land was possibly there but no where else. The scenes are listed on

    I'll actually admit it too, I like Kevin Costner, he's a great actor, IMO. Especially in Robinhood and The Postman, plus this of course.

    I think alot of people just bash WaterWorld because Kevin Costner's in it but it's a great movie, nicely done, the stories on how everything fit into place is great. (especially with the deleted scenes) :happy:
    "Hokey packaging and ancient gimmicks are no match for good detail on your figure, kid."
    "I am a Klingot from Oklahoma in human boy form."
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    Hmmm, intresting. Tycho and LTBasker, two people who I usually agree with 95% in their ideas, both like this movie? Maybe I should actually rent it, and see if I like it as well. I have avoided it up til now, just from how bad I heard it was. Although I should know by now not to trust movie critics, just look at Roeper's comments about LOTR's. Hmm, does this mean "The Postman" isn't a worthless movie, either?

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    The Postman is kinda boring in some parts, but an interesting movie to watch, it's a little long but pretty good.

    WaterWorld, yeah I'd suggest you check it out, the special effects on it are quite good, if you don't like it, well at least it's some time you got to kill while waiting for E2.
    "Hokey packaging and ancient gimmicks are no match for good detail on your figure, kid."
    "I am a Klingot from Oklahoma in human boy form."
    "We came, we saw, we conquered... We, woke up!"

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    I do remember the toys, in fact the reason I replied was to ask if one of the playsets was a retooled Ewok village . . . but a forest playset in a "waterworld" wouldn't make much sense, eh? I was thinking of another Costner vehicle, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. That's where the playset is from.

    I have not seen this movie, I doubt it could live up to the reverse hype that I've seen over the years. Even if I don't like it, it can't be as bad as many have made it out to be

    Might I recommend director Kevin Reynolds' The Count of Monte Cristo?

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    jar jar,

    waterworld was actually pretty good. the critics WANTED it to fail because at the time it was the most expensive film ever made, there were numerous problems on the set, including the director quitting and costner cheating on his wife while filming which led to his divorce. to have the film tank would of completed the circle for the evil wishing people. some of these critics actually get pleasure in watching others fail.
    it's not the best film ever made, but surely not as bad as the press made it out to be.

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    derek, that part about the director is interesting - who quit? Kevin Reynolds is credited as director, was he a replacement? I'll have to snoop around . . .

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    Mabudon's 15 cents

    I'd say 2, but you know...... C'mon guys!! "are you the guy with the dirt?" Maybe I saw another film, but if you truly are speaking of "waterworld".... Hmmmmm... IMO the whole concept of the film was ruined when they found LAND at the end(hope I didn't spoil it for ya Jar Jar!!) And how could Costner have been a trader when he'd never been to the only town on earth?? (maybe this gets explained in the cut scenes) The film is fun, for sure, but between the mysogeny(?) and the bad dialogue, I couldn't recommend it.
    Postman? It's the "landworld" to "waterworld"s "Wet Max", IMO. I like how at one point, costners wife DIES OF OLD AGE, and kev has like one grey hair to show for all those years. And that scene where the horse thunders by, and the kid runs out, then the horse stops, turns around, grabs the mail from him, then thunders purposefully off at top speed IN THE DIRECTION HE CAME FROM ORIGINALLY- No WONDER the mail is so slow.
    What about the fact that, in Postman, Costner rebuilds post apocalyptic america with LIES?!?! Didn't that bother anyone, just a little, or was it largely viewed as some sort of black humour??
    PS I've seen this film 3 times, just not cause it was good, is all. Woooooooooo!!!!
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.

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    I absolutely love Waterworld. I think Dennis Hopper is great as the over the top villian. And Costner does a good job as the anti-hero. He's really a curmudgeonly meanie throughout the film. Smacking Jeanne Tripplehorn with the oar, cutting off the hair, taking the crayons. Not somebody you initially root for. I loved him. The best part was when the little girl waves at the pilot (played by Jack Black in his first film role!) and Kev smacks her on the back the head. "What are you thinking??" Classic. The little girl had a lot of great lines, too. Even the small roles by character actors blow me away. To this day, the deranged lonely sailor is my favorite Kim Coates performance ("resin..resin...have you got any resin...") I STILL go around quoting his dialogue.. The action scenes are intense and cohesive. I especially like the attack on the atoll. It has so much going on but runs very smoothly and is easy to follow who is doing what and what actions lead to others. And of course, the beautiful cinimetography. Plus, his boat was kickass and I want one!! I am waiting for the extended cut on DVD. There HAS to be a Waterworld Special Edition in the works. maybe with Reynolds/Costner commentary. it'd be fun to get those two in the same room. While they are in there they can do the Robin Hood commentary too.

    Postman was a good film too with solid performances by Costner, Will Patton, Olivia Williams. I still don't know why critics drubbed that film so hard. it wasn't Oscar caliber and it was a little long, but I could watch it today and still be entertained.

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    You guys are making me want to watch Waterworld again! - and it's been less than 24 hours since I'd put it on!

    It's not out on DVD though is it? That would be a good one I'd consider picking up.


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