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  • The T-16 Skyhopper soars above the competition!

    60 21.51%
  • The AT-ST grinds anything in its way into dust!

    219 78.49%
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    I did want to comment to Dr. Evazan that you slide the lever in the back of the AT-ST over to "lock" the legs so they are in the same position (or the same length) so the vehicle can stand up straight. It is another story if this feature works or not, and varies depending upon the strength of the plastic on your particular piece.

    I have 4 POTF2 scoutwalkers, and 2 vintage ones (so there won't be green grass and brown dirt on my Scoutwalkers for scenes I did on Coruscant and Hoth). Ironically, it is one of my "newer" AT-ST's that has stability in the legs problems, and I had to make "Chewie's" AT-ST stand bow-legged to keep it from falling over in my diorama. At least I think it is the vehicle and not the fact that the Chewie figure is like a couple of miligrams heavier than the AT-ST Driver figures operating my other POTF2 walkers.

    I didn't have any need to buy one of the newer POTJ scoutwalkers with the bike and Paploo, since I've already done all my scenes I'm doing with these. However, I saw the package for the first time today, and Paploo does look better than I thought!

    Meanwhile, I chose the AT-ST over the T-16 in this poll because I loved the stomping action since I was a kid! Plus it's just so different looking! I've always liked the design for this vehicle in terms of the films. Plus, I think in terms of play features, since the T-16 already does stuff it doesn't do in the movie, adding about 2 MORE launching missles would have made this craft more fun. Nice and accurate sculpt though!

    Hey, in light of the quadruple missle launcher stashed away in the new, updated version of Slave-One, wouldn't it have been awesome if on the POTJ AT-ST Hasbro would have put in the grenade launcher where it should have been - and made it actually work? !!!

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    I had to go with the T-16. For a background item in the film, they actually took some time and made a cool vehicle.

    The AT-ST is ok, but a little too small. Also, the newer ones have that rubbery leg standing problem. Cheap materials I suppose. I tend to get more annoyed with the thing when it's out instead of having fun with it.


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