Tonight's fight features the AT-ST veruse Luke Skywalker's T-16!

The AT-ST as originally released featured a "remote control button" that let you make the scoutwalker's legs pump up and down like it was marching into battle or stomping on your Rebel action figures and those Ewoks! Twin side-cannons click and offer anti-aircraft defense for the walker - though one of them was supposed to be a grenade launcher and this oversight was never corrected when the AT-ST was re-released for the modern line. A twin-barrel nose cannon offers anti-personnel assualt capabilities while the control cockpit holds one action figure (not included). A "tank top" hatch opens and allows the pilot to scout out the situation, or use the hand-blaster cannon mounted on the top deck (though this was never seen in the movies).

Meanwhile, Luke Skywalker's T-16 was never before produced for the Star Wars toy line! Seen in 1977's original version of "A New Hope" only as being parked in the Lars' homestead's garage, though Luke played with a model of one, the T-16's release was hailed as a pleasant surprise in the modern line. The toy was released even before the Special Edition of Return of the Jedi featured a Skyhopper flying over the heads of jublious celebrants on Tatooine, rejoicing because the Emperor had fallen. The ship features independently poseable wings that fold up for landings, and a multi-positionable blaster cannon for wasting womprats! The cannon actually fires a missle on the toy. Adding to its features, the T-16 can actually be split into two vehicles: its basic shell design, and a desert skimmer vehicle that looks like it is a homemade amateur's version of the craft. You can add the main weapon to either vehicle once they are seperated. Each ship can be piloted by one action figure. Also, only one may be seated in the complete craft when it is assembled as it is seen in the movie.

Well which one of these fine Classic crafts should go on to challenge the rest of the pack in SSG's Battle of the Machines?

Only time will tell what is the all-time best Star Wars vehicle Hasbro's ever made. You will choose between the T-16 and the AT-ST tonight!

VOTE NOW! - then let's talk about your choice.....