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    Those other Neimoidians on Naboo?

    Sometimes when they show Nute and Rune there's other Neimoidians in the background. Who are they? Why are they on the planet?

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    I'm guessing they could be personal assistants to Nute and Rune or engineers, droid leaders, etc. because I'm sure there were more than just Nute and Rune on Naboo. There had to be some of them at the camps to give the up-to-date decisions and could tell the droids where to search next or stuff like that.
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    Or they might have been females, and been Nute and Rune's honeys.

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    There were quite a few ships at the beginning of the blockade. Swarming with other Neimoidians. You need more staff to take over a planet than just two guys and a bunch of droids.


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