Yesterday my 6-year-old son came up to me and asked if we could rebuild some of his SW sets that he had gotten for XMas last year. He's not one to build what the set is meant for, so when he asked I dropped what I was doing to help. After I got the anvil off my foot (bad joke) I started to help him build his Y-Wing/DV TIE set. Pretty soon my older daughter, baby, and wife soon wandered into his room to help us out.

After about two hours, we finally managed to put together the Y-Wing. It took so long because he had the parts mixed up with about five other SW sets and some other Legos he has. Remarkably, not one of the pieces were lost! I think tonight we'll finish the TIE and do the A-Wing and maybe the Snowspeeder. We all had fun trying to find the obsure parts amid all the other stuff.

The point is that dropping what you're doing and spending time with your kids, especially when they want your attention, is the best think in the world. My son was so happy to get his parent's attention that he'll probably eat his broccoli tonight. That's a reward in itself.