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    Who's going to see Ice Age?

    So who all is going to see Ice Age?
    Are you going to actually see it, or just to see the preview?
    I am going to watch Resident Evil tonight, but will probably "slide" into Ice Age if the times work out.
    I am not really interested in seeing Ice Age though.
    Although we have seen the "Clone War" trailer, I still have to see it on the big screen.
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    I want to go see it, hopefully tomorrow or something, I've still yet to see the full trailer, plus I kinda want to see the movie itself, John Lequizono (sp?) is pretty cool.
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    So who all is going to see Ice Age?



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    I'll take my daughter to see it.

    Romano's "So you've got three melons?" line from the trailer inexplicably cracks me up every time. That and Johhny Legs' "We are the wierdest herd I have ever seen." CRACK! "Ow."

    If there's more funny stuff like that in the movie, I'll probably enjoy it.

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    I hope to see it tonight. I didn't even know an AOTC trailer was with Ice Age. I'm a fan of Ray Romano and I like these new animated features like Shrek.
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    That's right, Wolfwood. Ice Age has the AOTC trailer on it that aired last Sunday night.
    Sure we have all seen it, but it will be twice as good on the big screen.
    And I think it is the best trailer out of the 4 we have seen.
    "You know I love the guy but I swear he writes like freaking Yoda."-Dean Winchester
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    I'm going for the movie itself. I think this will be a pleasure to see

    Besides...I have the trailer recorded
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    I've seen all three trailers of Ice Age and I think that's about all I'll end up seeing. The first one (with that rat-thing jumping around on the glacier) was pure gold; funniest thing I've seen in a long time. The other two make the movie look like "The Land Before Time 10."

    If I'm wrong, fine. But from what I've seen I bet the producers will wish that they should have just released the first trailer as an animated short and dumped the rest of the movie.
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    i saw it today. pretty good movie. the squirrel doesn't really have a part in the movie, just every once in a while he'll pop in for some added comedy.
    yeah, the trailer owns on the big screen with the surround sound. those battle scenes look awesome. i cant wait.
    i realy wanted to see RE though, and it was really bad, because it was playing in the next theatre over, and i could hear some parts of it.
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    I hope to see it in the coming weeks. I decided to see it before the AOTC trailer was confirmed, so that will be a nice addition

    LTBasker, John Leguizamo (I'm not sure of the spelling either ) has a new HBO comedy special on the horizon


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