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Master Paul Kenobis Review.

Some may have seen my Custom Jedi Starfighter before, but this time i picked up the Offical one, when i got it i wasnt serprised about there being no logo. The new picture of Obi-Wan on the back was cool and new to see it was also nice to see the moive picture of the Starfighter also on it also but anyway.

The Toy itself

I injoyed puting this toy together, a small part of it kinda reminded me of the Republic Cruser seen in TPM ( The Phantom Mence) it toke me only 10 mins to build it, I was amazed on how small it was, all color bricks like Lego has done before, aka the "blue brick mence" seen in sets like the ATT MTT and others, are not really gone ( of corse i don't think they are gona get rid of the Mxing color thing soon) Allthough the only part I dislike about it is the bottom, with the black part and everything it just takes the the way the starfighter looks out of wack. The colors where stuck to 6 Black, White, Red, one Yellow peace, Dark Gray, Light Gray, Light Green. ( think of the Yellow peace as a "Preview Peace" to the Bounty Huinter set) The Green part is allright with me, i've seen pictures of the back of the Hasbro fighter and its green also so thats pritty acurate to me at lest. The only part that I think sucked was no Body for the Droid, i've never had a Red droid I only got R2 droid but no red droid, but the dome is allright with me.

The Figure.

Not much to say about this little buger fokes, the Obi-Wan is just plan weird looking, I would of liked it better if Obi-Wan didn't have that goffy smile but uh....come on allreddy, I mean if they did the smile like the EPI Obi-Wan that would of been allright. I would of like if Obi came with a attachable Headset peace but the panted one is ok for now.

I just hope they don't keep hte panted headset on the Obi-Wan that coems with the Bounty Hunter set.

The Logos.

there OK looking, but I like the Impirial Logo Best on the fighter the only logo I dislike on the fighter, is around the Cockpit. Nether way Nice job on that one Lego.

Landeing Gear

to make this short and sweet its GREAT. Good job on that one too Lego

End Result By Number and Grade

Box: Number Result 5 out of 10. Grade: C

Toy: Number Result 9 out of 10. Grade : A+

Figure : Number Result 3 out of 10. Grade D-

Color : Number Result 6 out of 10 Grade C+

Logos : Number Result 2 out of 10 Grade D-

If you're a lego fan and want to get you're hand on a cool starfighter set 7143 is for you ( though I think alot of people got it)

so whats do you guys think of my kinda long review ?????