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    The impossible question from ILM

    hey, did anybody ever solve that impossible question about disappearing jedi?
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    No. I have replied to this before. The only two Jedi's not to have disappeared so far in the SW movies are: Darth Vader and Qui-Gon Jinn. Darth Maul if you count him, but I'll get into that in a minute.

    1. Darth Vader. I believe he probably DID disappear and we the audience didn't know it. Everyone always says, "then why did Luke burn Vader on Endor?" The answer is quite simple, he was burning the robotic suit and parts of Darth Vader. Remember as Obi-Wan once said "He's more machine than man now." So if he is mostly machine then the suit would probably keep shape pretty well, so that has always been my reasoning.

    2. Darth Maul. I only have a theory on this one, but perhaps Sith can not disappear and become one with the force. This could also explain Vader since he was a Sith. But Vader was also saved (although too little too late) and COULD disappear because he had turned away from the Dark Side. Two possible ways to interpret it.

    3. Qui-Gon. The only reason why Qui-Gon didn't disappear is GL FORGOT about the whole issue. I have posted multiple times that GL did not do his homework before writing TPM. It clearly shows with all the inconsistencies (which I won't get into right now). The only reason the Qui-Gon funeral scene happens is for dramatic purposes so that Yoda and Mace can discuss about the Sith Lord while Palpatine watches the fire burn. Plain and simple. GL couldn't find a better way to get them all together in one scene, so he created this one which contradicts everything in the OT. Yet another reason why TPM will always be far inferior to the OT.

    I hope this helps.
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    I never did get the full and complete impossible ILM question. I only got spotty parts from different sources. I know it concerned why Jedi "dissappeared" but I could never tell if it meant why they dissappear when they die, or why the Jedi order was not around anymore. They said they couldn't give out any clues but then someone said they had "confirmed" that a major clue was in Obi Wan's hut on Tatooine, but you could only see it on the big screen. And last, they would only tell you if you were correct if you got the answer correct, so there wasn't any "Am I getting close?" to be had.

    My theory on Qui Gon Jinn was that he was an odd duck in the Jedi Order. He had all these crazy theories about midichlorians that the other Jedi didn't seem to endorse. He also went on about the "living Force" a lot. I think maype QGJ didn't beleive in being cohesive energy after one had passed on, so he chose not to dissappear when he died, since he felt the "living Force" had left him and that was it's will.

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    All in all its just one of the many holes GL couldn't fill.
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    From the information I've gathered, Obi-Wan and Yoda learn a technique that alllows them to become one with the Force. It's a lost skill, one that most don't know about.

    Anakin Skywalker already possesses the technique, having been created by the Midi-Chlorians. He, like the two other Jedi, will lose his physical presense, and his Force-sensitive microbes will form a representation of his former self.
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    In the EU comicbook redemption, the story says that only the greatest Jedi Masters become one with the force (Ulic quel Droma), so maybe Qui Gonn was not one of the greatest...Darth Maul was not a jedi so he cant be one with the force, that leaves us Vader. Although we dont see the disappearing act in ROTJ, we know he became one with the force becuase we see him in the very end of ROTJ with Yoda and OB1.
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    He wasn't prepared to die, which is why he didn't dissapear. Seriously. Same goes for Darth Maul and Palpy. Vader however, he did turn to a "force spirit" however his body did not dissapear, however, Obi did say "He's more machine now than man." so since he wasn't all human, then that could explain it.
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    I think Vader (Anakin) did disapear and only the cybernetics were burned on Endor.I think there is something about QGJ that prevented him from disappearing once he died.Obi wan eluded to Difficulties between him and the Jedi counsel in the past.There may be more to QGJ than what we've been shown.
    I don't think Sith disappear.I think they just die.Maybe if we see or do not see QGJ in a spirit form we will have a better idea what the deal is.
    I personaaly don't think there some kind of screw up By GL.He's lived this for so long that I can't buy that.Maybe I'm nuts.I wouldn't be surprised to see all these things all tied up by the end of EP3 and archival editions.
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    Jedi Choose to Disapear.

    You guys are making this way to difficult. There is a simple answer that fills in all the holes. Yoda and Obi-Wan took their own lives. Think about it. Just before Obi-Wan disappears he looks at Luke, then Vader holds his light saber straight up and closes his eyes and poof, no more Obi-Wan. He was not struck down by Vader, he disappeared and became one with the Force because he decided that would be the best way to help Luke. Same with Yoda. He may have been sick, but he chose to take his life. Qui-Gon was killed. He did not take his own life. So he did not disappear. If Sith can join the Force “after life” is doubtful. But Maul and Palpatine where killed too, so they did not disappear. Vader was beat down by Luke and zapped by the Emperor, so he was killed. Nowhere does it say that you must disappear first to become a Jedi Ghost. Thus, every Jedi can and will appear in ghost form if they choose to. These reason are much more realistic for the Star Wars Universe, a lot better than George Lucas forgot. That make little since.

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    Yikes. Lucas sanctions suicide as the only acceptable means of entering the Star Wars afterlife? I don't think so.

    The simplest answer is that Luke is hallucinating. He's the only one that "sees" and "hears" dead Jedi spirits. Something traumatic happened to that boy, but I can't seem to put my finger on it...

    Oh that's right. His parental figures were systematically killed in front of him. never knew either of his parents. Aunt and uncle crispied on the ground in front of him. Mentor sliced in too (<---thats for you Bel Cam) by demonic armor wearing villain. Best friend/ surrogate older brother blasted into space dust by same villain. Other best friend/surrogate older brother steals girlfriend from him. If this guy's not a candidate for "voices" than nobody is.


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