Hi all,
As the subject says I seek vintage carded Figures for the newer Target adn TRU exclusive vehicles of mine which include
TIE INterceptor MIMB
Desert Skiff MINMB slight shelf wear adn a small crease on back corner
Y-Wing Not mint box..front left corner was damaged..vehicle and all otehr courners are fine.
The ones I seek are all clear blisters by the way I hope And I would like them without any ads on the picture.
Sand People
Obi Wan
R2-D2 W sensorscope
C-3PO removable limbs
Biker Scout
I know tall orders all. I Just don't need any of the newer stuff. Happily my wal amrt has been most kind with the new stuff
Mail me please at the click to reply thing or just type in lemure77@yahoo.com which is the one I check more often..thanks all...Cahd