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Thread: Resident Evil

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    Gamecube has been tempting me for awhile now. If the slow contantly changing graphics are fixed, I'd pick this up for Gamecube (along with Rogue Squadron 2!). I hated on the PS version every time you walked two feet, it'd change perspective on you. it sucked for game play. the story was pretty cool though.

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    Resident Evil 2

    RE2 takes place some months after the first RE. Chris, Jill, and the rest went back to town, and tried to warn everyone of Umbrella's experiments, zombies, etc. But there warnings fall on deaf ears. Chris leaves to go to Umbrella's head office in Europe, and shortly after, an out break of the T-Virus devestates the city. There are very few survivors, and the city looks exactly like how it did at the end of the movie.

    Now, in RE2 you play as Leon Kennedy or Claire Redfield (Chris's brother.) Leon Kennedy was a new member of STARS who arrived in town after the catastrophe. He meets up with Claire, and they decide to look for Chris, survivors, and get out of town.

    You search around town, RCPD building, the sewers, and finally, more of the lab. You learn of William Berkin, a scientist working for Umbrella. He created the G-Virus, and upgraded version of the T-Virus. Umbrella sent in a special forces team (like the movie's team) to steal the virus from him. He insteads injects it into himself on accident, and becomes the games main monster. He's the big guy with the eye in his shoulder.

    You learn of the corruption of the police chief, who was on Umbrella's payroll to keep a low profile on the mansion incident, as well as Umbrealla's current activities.

    Leon, Claire, and William's daughter Sherry are the only survivors of the game, and escape the lab, presumeably blowing up another portion of it. Claire decides to head for Europe to look for Chris and Leon and Sherry leave.
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    Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

    The first half of this game takes place just before events in RE2, the second half right after RE2.

    This game your basically Jill Valentine, from RE, escaping the city to head after Chris. The city is already been devastated from the outbreak, as in RE2, and you basically run around town trying to escape.

    You meet up with another one of those Umbrella special forces teams, and you work together to escape.

    Nothing real big in this game, except better controls. And the boss, Nemesis, is really the Tyrant from the first game hunting STARS members. This game also had a dynamic boss system. Everytime you ran into Nemesis, he would follow you where ever you went until you got far enough away, or knocked him out.
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    Resident Evil: Code Veronica

    This game takes place some time after RE2. Claire Redfield went to Europe to find Chris. She sneaks into Umbrella's HQ, but gets caught. She's sent to this island that Umbrella owns and has a sort of prison set up.

    The game is basically escaping the island. The island is controlled by a nutcase who's grandfather helped found Umbrella. There working on yet another new Virus, and of course, the island gets infested with zombies.

    Halfway during the game your sent to an Anarctic bas that Umbrella has and you have to fight your way of there as well. You play part of the game as Chris Redfield looking for Claire after she escapes the first Island.

    That's pretty much it. At the end of every game, there seems to be more and more characters wanting to go to Europe and get Umbrella. My thought is that Capcom is building up towards the last game in which you play as many characters in Umbrella's HQ.

    This year were supposed to get a revamped RE for the cube, as well as Resident Evil 0, which is about the Bravo teams exploits in the original mansion. Both of which are on the Gamecube.

    The games were originally released with the title "Biohazard" in Japan. But the name was changed to "Resident Evil" in the US and Europe.
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    I just read an artical in PSM(Playstation Monthly) that talked about RE going to GC and about RE O. They also said that there is another version of RE coming to the PS2. I forget what the release date is but it's going to be RE: Online!!! Imagine fighting zombies with all your buddies all over the world. I just don't know if there is enough characters though. I don't know all the details, PSM said they would report more when there was more to report.

    Online zombie slaying!!! WoooHooo!!!
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    Thanks for the info Wolfwood319.

    Dar' Argol - I thought that I read somewhere on ign's wesite that the RE games rights have been made exclusively to Nintendo. If there is a new RE coming to the PS2 then it will probably be the last one that will see a release other than Gamebube, which is o.k. by me because I never have liked either of the Playstations.
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    Nintendo has a contract with Capcom, stating that all NEW RE games will be exclusive to the cube for 5 years. This is the first I heard of an online RE, so I'm not sure.

    I still think that Capcom can rerelease games on different platforms, like they did with RE games on the N64 and PS2.
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    Well, here it is a day after DVD release and I thought I'd bring this up So, how many got it and did you like it???

    I saw the film in the theater and I loved it. I got it on DVD, (yeah JarJar, i know there will be a special edition coming out later, but I can't wait), and it is still great!!! The extra featuretts(sp) were pretty cool! Like "the making of". I like seeing Michelle Rodriguez talking about how much she got into this character and Milla Jovovich saying how nice it is when you can see the persons body/skin when they fight. Over all, I am pretty happy. The only think I missed was a Deleted scene/Blooper reel. Could you imagine the funny out-takes from this movie???

    I still give it 10 stars **********(that's still ten)
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    I of course picked it up, since I loved it in theaters so much. I was going to hold out for the 2-disc SE, but I figured the extras would likely be different between the 2 versions anyway. I know the 2-Disc SE will have the NC-17/Unrated cut of the film, as well as deleted scenes and the alternate ending. A small teaser, the alternate ending has Milla using the rifle from the front of the DVD case. It shoots missles.

    As I posted earlier, the Audio Commentary is hilarious. Milla doesn't realize they actually have to watch the whole film. Not to mention they make fun of her fashion ads and other stuff. Her dog even makes a mess on the floor halfway thru the audio commentary. A hilarious listen.

    Definatly the best movie ever based on a video game, and a real quality Zombie movie as well. Best one since Return of the Living Dead, IMHO. Some genuine scares, and decent actors. Hopefully we get some word on the sequel soon. Hopefully the Red Queen shows up in the sequel, that computer is just creepy.

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    i didnt like the movie of resident evil, ruined the gaming expeirence i think they should used Leon
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