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Thread: Resident Evil

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    Yes, it's a combination of Eternal Padawan's post and a recent viewing of The Fifth Element that have piqued my curiosity.

    But you disappoint me, my old Gungan friend - I was hoping for a more concrete answer than
    "I'm sure that we will see more of Milla in the deleted scenes."

    Okay, sorry for my outbursts, I return you now to your regularly scheduled arguing.

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    Ok, a more concrete answer. I have heard nothing so far as to what the deleted scenes contain. All I know from the DVD is there is an alternative ending, where we get to see Milla use that big rocket launcher gun she's pictured holding on the front of the DVD case. Is that a little better?

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    I have an early director's cut, in two parts, pretty low quality, but is OK in full-screen. In a few scenes, the sound oom makes an appearence; pretty funny. I need the DVD though. It's out, right?

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    Re: Resident Evil

    Looks like we are finally going to get the SE of Resident Evil that has been on hold for ages. No news if this will be the uncut version that we've heard so much about. But hopefully it is, and it's not just some reissue with a few minor fluff pieces of info for Resident Evil II. It's scheduled for release on 9/7/04.

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    Re: Resident Evil

    sweet deal!!! Thanks for the info, Binksy. Quick question: i'm a huge RE fan and i haven't heard crap about this SE of RE! Can you give me any info on what was rumored to be included? Also, that release date looks to be a few days before "Apocalypse" hits theaters. Good marketing right there!!
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    Re: Resident Evil

    Well, there were some moments of additional gore that was cut from the film. As well as some additional violence. And there's an alternate ending that features that big arse gun that's on the cover of the current DVD. The Deluxe SE has been rumbling for a while, planned as a 2-disc set with new commentaries and features. has some potential possible info for what we could see, if this is the Uncut version with the deleted scenes. Hopefully we'll get some info soon.
    The U.S. release had some violence censored to avoid an "NC-17" rating.

    The trailer has different lines spoken by the same girl.

    In trailers for the film, the zombies are shown covered in blue gore. In the actual movie, the blood & gore is red.

    Paul W.S. Anderson has indicated in various interviews that an "uncut version" with several minutes of extra footage, including gorier scenes and more character development, will be released in the future as a possible DVD release.

    In the TV spot, Red Queen's line "I've been a bad little girl" is pronounced by the hologram, but in the movie it is heard from the intercom

    In the theatrical trailer, after shooting the zombie that bit her, Rain says "She isn't standing now," but in the movie she says "***** isn't standing now.

    Besides any additional footage of character development or gore missing, Paul Anderson himself said that there was a completely different ending that was originally shot. Even though there are no details at this time, this alternate ending may be re-instated in a 2-disc DVD version a few months after the first single-disc DVD release. It is rumored the both the R-rated cut as well as an unrated director's cut (the above mentioned NC-17 version) will be in the set.

    The scene where Alice kills Lisa was cut to remove a close up of the paperweight hitting her head.

    The Russian version of the film differs slightly from the one released in U.S. There are a few extra shots of the train, and the scene with Alice and Matt after she kills his zombiefied sister is extended with a short line from Matt, where he explains that he is an internationally wanted criminal.

    2-Disc Special Edition DVD includes an alternate ending, which plays six months after the incident at Racoon City. Here Alice wears a Matrix-like costume and goes to the Umbrella Corporation headquarters to search for Matt. You see her going in and one of the guards asks what he can do for her. Before she can answer the security systems identify her and all guards draw their weapons. She consequently draws her own, the camera moves closer and you hear a shot. Then you see a close-up of her closing eye.
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    Re: Resident Evil

    Full Specs are out now, thanks to DVD Answers:
    Title: Resident Evil
    Starring: Milla Jovovich
    Released: 7th September 2004
    SRP: $19.94

    Further Details
    Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment has kindly sent over the official details on the upcoming region one release of Resident Evil: Deluxe Edition which will be arriving in shops this September. The two disc set will be available to own from the 7th September this year, priced at around $19.94. We've attached the full list of disc specifications below, along with our first look at the official artwork. We've also attached a single shot of the discs menu system. The extras included on the previous release were the cast and filmmaker commentary as well as the three featurettes on costumes, the score and the set design.

    Anamorphic Widescreen Presentation

    English Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Track

    French Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Track

    Portuguese Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Track

    Audio Commentary with Cast and Filmmakers

    Audio Commentary with the Visual Effects Crew

    Alternate Ending with Director's Introduction

    Resident Evil: Apocalypse Fangoria Clip Compilation

    Resident Evil from Game to Screen Featurette

    Storyboarding Resident Evil Featurette

    Scoring Resident Evil Featurette

    The Creature Featurette

    The Elevator Featurette

    The Laser Featurette

    The Zombie Dogs Featurette

    Zombies Featurette

    Costumes Featurette

    Scoring Resident Evil Featurette

    Secret Design Featurette

    The Train Featurette

    Filmographies and Bonus Previews

    English, French, Portuguese, Spanish Subtitles

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