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    Who's Snagging All The Jangos?

    This figure has been impossible to find in Central Florida. The other 3 have been a bit easier to find, but not Mr. J-Fett! I know of several ebayers in the Orlando area who are selling multiples of him. I can hear Jango now..."Get your hands off of me you damn dirty scalper!"

    Who else is having trouble finding Jango but not the other 3?
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    Hey Sid,

    I'm having the same problem here in North Central Florida.Tons
    of Zams and Clonetroopers,no Jangos!
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    When I went on a massive run out here in LA, R3-T7 was nearly everywhere. (How nice it was to find a fig I actually want warming the pegs.) Zam was a close second. Clone troopers were at only one of the 6 stores I hit, and I saw no traced of Jango what-so-ever.

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    There was a decent amount of him at my Wal*Mart around the 9th. But two days later, they were gone.
    If anyone still can't find them within the next week or so, there is a Wal*Mart Super Center opening near me on the 20th, so I'm figuring they'll have an updated stock of figures. If anyone needs them, just let me know and I'll try to pick 'em up for you, if they do have them.
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    I've been a very good boy and held true to my boycott of AOTC merchandise. I saw a complete wave of preview figures, examined them, and put them right back on the pegs.

    For my scene creation purposes, Boba 300 will be Jango, and Zutton will be little Boba.
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    man, I just saw my first preview fig on a shelf today, the r3 droid...pretty cool looking, imo.

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    I ahven't had any luck finding Jango out west either...

    ...but I do live in a major hotbed of SW collectors...(and I also hold a job...which prevents me from LIVING at the stores)

    Ah well....patience. Must have patience.

    Got the other three though...really like the clonetrooper.

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    The Wal-Mart here had a good stock for about 2 to 3 days until word got out. I'm glad I went ahead and got them. The way Wal-Mart works around here there is no telling when more will show up if they show up at all.
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    No preview figures here...
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    It has to be scalpers or wanta be Star Wars collectors. Myself and Jedipartnr have seen only 3 out of the 4 Preview Figs. here in the Cleveland, Ohio area. No Jango here. HH


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