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    Originally posted by Lowly Bantha Cleaner
    Just a suggestion though, they need subtitles at the bottom of the screen whenever Ozzy talks. I'm always asking my brother, "what the heck did he say?" after each time Ozzy speaks.
    Don't say that around Sharon, she'll tear you apart! I read an article about a press junket they did for a show, and when a reporter asked if the showed would be subtitled, she screamed, "Who said that !? Who the f--- said that !?!?!?"

    It was pretty funny, let me look for that article . . .

    EDIT: Okay, I was slightly off with the Sharon quote, understandably so. This is taken from Ozzy's offical site, which featured this article from the Toronto Sun:

    Not that any microphone could decipher Osbourne's mumbled ramblings, prompting one critic to ask if the series would be subtitled. "Who said that?" asked wife Sharon, springing from her chair. "Get up, you a--hole!" Actually, not being able to understand Ozzy may be a good thing, since every second word rhymes with "truck." This is one rocked-out, vulgar dude, all of which makes seeing him as a TV dad all the more hilarious. "I'm a normal dad and the kids tell me to go screw myself," explained Ozzy.
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    A huge thanks to big T here, if Thrawn hadn't mentioned this show to me, I never would have watched it as I am TOTALLY disinterested with MTV these days and wouldn't have caught any ads. I caught both of the first two eps over this weekend since MTV plays this show like a thousand times a week and this series is fantastic. I love when Kelly hits Jack and Jack yells "that was on camera! I'm gonna show this to MOM!!!", classic funny and real stuff.

    However, if Sharon thinks Ozzy doesn't need translation, she's dilluted, I have to tape this show just so I can rewind to understand what he's getting at.

    What amazes me most about this show is it's something on MTV and it actually has something to do with MUSIC!
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    the Jack and Kelly battles are are classic! I thought it was neat that they showed Kelly chastizing Jack for telling people he was Ozzy's son to get into clubs and such. Certainly gives the show a rep as being "real".

    Man, I wish I had a 2:30 curfew at age 14 . . .

    Speaking of subtitles, I'm reminded of the Judas Priest Behind the Music - one of those guys was speaking English and they DID subtitle him. That was great

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    That kid is nuts! Did you see the first episode where he and Ozzy put the bayonet on the rifle, and then later he's standing in the yard in full military fatigues stabbing a cardboard box?!?!

    Ozzy is the best! He's the most level-headed person in that family. That bit with the chair after the dog chewed it up was hilarious. But him with the TV remote was the funniest thing I've ever seen!

    Was that Elijah Wood in the latest episode?
    "Watch this, I'm going to horrify you into a coma..."

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    I wonder why Ozzy's other older daughter chose not to be on camera. It be interesting to see how dysfunctional she is and whether or not the f-bomb comes out of her mouth every other word just like it does with the rest of the family! :happy:
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    I just have to throw this in but during Toy Fair of 2000, Ozzy did a press conference to promote his McFarlane toys and I got to meet him. Seemed nice. You have to really listen to understand him as he talks in a low voice with that accent (unless he is yelling at his family).

    I highly suggest everyon check this show out!
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    I haven't seen the dog poo episode yet, but the first one was hilarious. I remember when I heard about the show before it was on, and I was like, "Oh no, Ozzy....what are you doing!?" I thought it would be a typical, cheezy, scripted MTV failure.......boy was I off!! It's classic. Actually, I'm surprised they're being cool enough to show it since MTV is all about hip-hop and Britney Spears.

    I've never met Ozzy like some of you lucky dogs, but I saw him play with the original Sabbath line-up at was unforgetable. I thought they'd do "Ironman" and "Paranoid", and call it a night. Pffffffft...try like two-hours of classics like "Into the Void", "Children of the Grave", "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath", "Lord of this World", "After Forever", "Black Sabbath", "N.I.B." was insaaaaaaaane!!!

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    Originally posted by Lowly Bantha Cleaner
    I wonder why Ozzy's other older daughter chose not to be on camera. It be interesting to see how dysfunctional she is and whether or not the f-bomb comes out of her mouth every other word just like it does with the rest of the family! :happy:
    I believe she was born shortly after the release of Blizzard of Ozz, so she should be in her early 20s . . . I thought maybe she went off to school. Just a guess though

    Howdy, I agree that the reunited Sabs were awesome, but last year I was disappointed that they only played a 90 minute set.
    Oh well

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    Ozzy's oldest daughter is 18 and not as invloved in the show, according to an article about the show in my local newspaper. She seems quite straight for having grown up w/ Ozzy as dad, did anyone see the scene from the show where she's chastising Jack for watching a "movie about marijuana-smoking"?

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    That was Aimee ? I thought so at first but then I figured that since she's not on much . . . maybe she was a babysitter or something.

    Thanks for the clarification Fulit !


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