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    All time favorite SNL host?

    There is only one person that hosts SNL that I know when they host I will be laughing. That person is none other than Christopher Walken. Just looking at him doing comedy is hilarious in itself. Hands down number one in my book, I hope he will be back again this year. I love that guy.

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    he makes me laugh on SNL because he can't be bothered to remember ANY lines, and blatantly uses cue cards.

    One of my favorites is Alec Baldwin, the show is always good with him on it, even though I hate him.

    Steve Martin is good too.
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    QLD I was just gonna say that hehe

    Alec Baldwin for me too! And man has he been on it alot!
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    Jesse Jackson. That entire episode with him was hilarious back in the Martin Short/Billy Crystal days. ("The Question is MOOT")

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    Yeah Dan, I clicked on the thread name while saying to myself...Christopher Walken.
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    I can't believe that others agree- Alec Baldwin is a great SNL host. He always does a good job. Besides Hunt for Red October, I don't care much for him as an actor- but as a SNL host he is great.

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    as you can see by my tag line...

    although - one skit in particular stands out for me, and I've only seen it once.. Think it was Gwenth Paltro - sp? They were doing a MTV beach party skit. the MTV JV ( Amy Poehler ) asked them to request a song, which she requested Shania Twains that dont impress me much. after a brief comment of oooookaaaayy.. they played it and they all started dancing hilarious.. she then turns to Maya Rudolph and asks for her request.. she asked to have the same song played, and they dance.. finally she turns to Tracy Morgan who gives a shout out to his homies.. with the same song.. hilarous I tell ya.. of course Gwenth and Maya were both in bikini's which made the skit that much better.. and the dancin.. Fun - ny..
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    Yea Alec Baldwin..........

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    There have been many funny hosts. Christopher Walken is awesome. So was Baldwin. I don't know if there is a favorite.
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