Is anyone else hooked on The Osbournes? It is a reality show on Mtv that follows Ozzy Osbourne around and is funny as s**T !!!

Highlights from Episode 1:

They hook up a new computer/satellite TV system and the guy says the remote is SO easy that they don't even make a manual for it. Next we see ozzy getting nowhere and cursing up a storm trying to work it! "I'm stuck on the f***king weather channel!"

Then the phone rings and he can't find it! Then he finds the phone and can't figure out how to answer it!

Highlights from Episode 2:

Ozzy screams at Sharon for using his towel to wipe up dog ****!

Ozzy thinks the dog therapist urinated on the rug!

"Now I've seen it all, we have a f**king dog therapist. Just get up at 7am and open the damn door and let them out."

"The door was wide open and he STILL took a massive crap inside the house, 3 feet from the door."