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    The Osbournes - Best New Show !

    Is anyone else hooked on The Osbournes? It is a reality show on Mtv that follows Ozzy Osbourne around and is funny as s**T !!!

    Highlights from Episode 1:

    They hook up a new computer/satellite TV system and the guy says the remote is SO easy that they don't even make a manual for it. Next we see ozzy getting nowhere and cursing up a storm trying to work it! "I'm stuck on the f***king weather channel!"

    Then the phone rings and he can't find it! Then he finds the phone and can't figure out how to answer it!

    Highlights from Episode 2:

    Ozzy screams at Sharon for using his towel to wipe up dog ****!

    Ozzy thinks the dog therapist urinated on the rug!

    "Now I've seen it all, we have a f**king dog therapist. Just get up at 7am and open the damn door and let them out."

    "The door was wide open and he STILL took a massive crap inside the house, 3 feet from the door."
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    i've heard about this, but have not wartched mtv in a long time. is it like the real world, or scripted? not that the real world was really real....

    ozzy can be pretty funny. i've seen him on howard stern a few times. i guess the rock star life isn't all chicks and booze. even they have to deal with dog crap in the house. maybe for the season finalie, ozzy will dump his old wife for a hot 21 year old!

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    Thrawn, you're damn right !

    Great show, I was hooked after the first episode, laughing almost nonstop.

    How about Ozzy watching the Tonight Show with their security guard? CLASSIC

    I hate MTv, but that show is worth tuning in. I've taken to recording it, not only so I can rewatch the shows but also to edit the lengthy commercial breaks.

    I hope this sees a DVD release because my VHS copy won't last long

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    I love it when he's talking about how such a little dog can pee so much. "He must have an extra tank in his ***".

    For being unscripted, Ozzy has the best one liners of any T.V. Dad.

    "I'm not picking up another dog turd. I'm a rock star."

    The biggest highlight has got to be when Elijah Wood is hanging out w/ Ozzy's kids and they all end up cleaning dog **** off the couch. Can you imagine having Frodo over to your house to clean up dog ****?

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    It's my favorite new show!

    I feel a great disturbance in the Force.

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    Not watched it yet, but I've seen it advertised. I might peel myself off my computer chair next time it's on and watch it 'cause you guys seem to like it . I'll tell you what I think.


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    Thumbs up

    The Osbournes is an excellent show. First time in a long time that I actually tuned in to MTV to watch something.

    Just a suggestion though, they need subtitles at the bottom of the screen whenever Ozzy talks. I'm always asking my brother, "what the heck did he say?" after each time Ozzy speaks.
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    Thumbs up

    That show is awesome!!
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    I got to meet Ozzy about 10 years ago...

    and he is a RIOT!! I was really looking forward to this show and it DID NOT disappoint! Ozzy did a meet and greet at the store I was working at and he was the best. I became an instant fan after meeting him. The show is such a simple concept, but it really delivers the laughs. It's like OZZY's REAL WORLD. Love it!!!
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    I watch the Osbuournes and have even goten my mom hooked on watching it.Its not "scripted" like I think Real World is and offers us a peak into a rock-stars "real" life.

    Hope they keep the show on for a while.Maybe all the Hobbits
    could come over and help clean-up
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