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    why is there a "STICKY" area in video games?

    what's the deal with the sub section of video game section? are we concerned about spoilers here?

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    When is the Jedi Starfighter game for Xbox being released? Maybe that will include soilers ?

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    The video game news forum, like all the other news forums, holds all of the archived news that has appeared on the main page of SSG pertaining to video games since the new look. I put the sticky in so you could go directly to the news forum that SirSteve created for video games without actually going to the news forum section. Its basically just a shortcut. I may remove it though since the news forums have been removed from the main forums page the last time I checked.

    P.S. I just found out that the reason the news forums are gone from the main forums page is that SSG has gone back to the old news system. If you want me to remove the sticky, just respond to this post and let me know.
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    instead of "sticky" which i thought meant "spoilers are a sticky subject, which causes controversary", it could just be called "NEWS" or something like that. just my two cents worth.

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    "Sticky" just means that particular thread has been modified so that it won't move down the page like normal threads when posts are made in other threads. "Sticky" is automatically inserted by the forums when a thread is modified in this manner.

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    oh okay, sticky like a post it note is sticky. stuck at the top of the page. i get it.

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    The sticky thread was deleted because we changed news systems.
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