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    We Were Soldiers...

    A great movie. Go see it if you haven't yet......that's all there is to say.

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    Is there anything to say about Chris Klein ?

    I plan on seeing it, hopefully next weekend. I'm optimistic because it's based on the book written by Lt. Gen. Moore, I only hope the film does it some justice.

    Thanks for the recommendation Howdy

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    What? I'm sorry. I was distracted by Madelaine Stowe's lips.

    We were Soldiers was really good. I thought it was going to be sappy intercutting between the families back home, but it worked well. Chris Klein sucked a little less than usual. Sam Elliot ruled as the curmudgeon first sgt. Be aware that this this film is BLOODY. It makes the opening of Saving Private Ryan look tame, and Black Hawk Down look like a comedy.

    And what's with Stowe's lips?

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    chris klein seems like he is a really nice guy in real life, but how he keeps getting cast in movies boggle my mind.

    the film is pretty good. i left a little confused though. maybe i've seen too many war flicks lately and i'm getting numb to this genre, or maybe it was because it was the first film based on vietnam where the soldiers were shown in a positive light.

    if you like gibson, or war movies though, you won't be disapointed.

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    Originally posted by derek
    chris klein seems like he is a really nice guy in real life, but how he keeps getting cast in movies boggle my mind.
    Since I'm from Omaha and Klein is too, I actually got to work with him on his very first film project, not Election which everybody assumes was his first work, but an independent film that never got released. Two of my ex-roommates also used to be really good friends with him in highschool. He is a nice guy actually. Although I don't really care for him as an actor, he is a pretty down to earth kind of guy.
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    And what's with Stowe's lips?
    ....I hear was hard to recognize her even though I knew who it was.......

    ........what's up with Sam Elliot's lips!?! It took me a second to get used to him without the giant caterpillar under his nose..........but of course.....rough as nails as it was all good.

    Chris Klein (without giving anything away) was an important character....but then again wasn't. He wasn't that annoying....actually his role made for a very.....errrr...."memorible" situation in the flick.

    I'm glad movies are still being made about Vietnam. It's something in our country's history we should never forget. Whether you agreed with the war or not back then...the way some people treated the returning soldiers was, is, and will always be an embarrassment. Even though I was only five at the war's end....that behavior is probably why to this day that the pot-smoking, Grateful Dead, tie-dye wearing hippie-wannabes that prance outside the White House protesting for the ethical treatment of al-Qaida prisoners in Cuba make me sick. Wars are an unfortunate reality.....sometimes declared for the wrong reasons.....but to shun our guys in the military for acting on the orders of our nation's government is unacceptable. If those picketing fairies were to put down their bongs for five minutes and pick up a weapon.....and be put in a situation where it was to be used against another human kill or be killed.....perhaps their selfish, spoiled perceptions would change a little bit. I don't know about you, but when I look at my uncle's Purple Heart displayed in a frame on his wall, I don't feel angry, brother.....I feel PRIDE.

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    Amen, Howdy. Amen.

    The soldier puts his life in harm's way, so you CAN sit outside the White House and complain. The freedom of speech (and the rest) ain't free.

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    From a UK POV

    ...I agree to a certain extent because too many times people see the Forces as proponents of War as opposed to Peace.

    In any case to me the notion of tree-huggin hippies vs the freedom our protectors offer is a redundant argument since the advent of Nuclear arms.

    I think it is a mistake to assume ones enemy is of the same mindset as oneself, especially when sectarian religion is involved.

    Speaking of mindsets, I do think that the Western one is a little off-kilter when the focus is on Peace/War instead of the environment; without the protection of which the argument is moot (in the US meaning of the word ). Let's face it, the country least suffering from global warming is that which is mostly responsible for it...Kyoto treaty anyone?


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    jeddah, I can appreciate your viewpoint....and agree with it somewhat.....but that treaty (which, by the way, I thought was a good start, but terribly unbalanced) focused a good bit on the U.S. military's "exorbitant" use of fuels more than the private sector, or the world as a whole. I think that's B.S. (maybe this is my off-kiltered Western philosophy talking , but..)....EVERYONE is responsible for global warming. You will never convince me that limiting our military's fossil fuel use (and therefore compromising our strength and experience, i.e. tank training, flight training, etc.) would have anywhere NEAR the impact that overall global conscious efforts would. What? want me to take a bus or carpool to work? That's an problem is the U.S. military. Huh? You mean I actually need to spend MY money on more energy efficient appliances?...or insulate my house? way....we've got that Lexus and golf course membership payment to make....the problem is the U.S. military. My living is made by the use of fuels...I'm a landscaper......BUT, I do my part. (Besides...less gas is better on my wallet!) I run a composting mower, I coordinate routes to make less trips from one client to another, and most importantly, I plant probably a hundred trees a year. Now...multiply actions like that by 6 billion people, and you have reductions in environmental damage that FAR outweigh any of the actions of the U.S. government or armed forces. The solution to an INTERNATIONALLY lazy, cop-out "I alone can't make a difference" population's problem is NOT limiting ONE nation's energy consumption. Worldwide eduction and effort......from John Doe in the Johnski Doeslavich in the Johnoya Doechangpow in China............THERE'S your answer.

    ......and I agree.....the hippie vs military argument IS sadly redundant. You'd figure by now those sandal-wearing spoiled brats would have seen the error of their ways and given a written apology to every veteran their loser parents spit on at the Welcome Home parades 25 years ago.
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    oh yeah...and another thing....

    maybe if individuals around the world would stop milking the system by pumping out more and more kids like a bunch of trailer park rednecks, we wouldn't have unnecessarily larger families, needing more homes, in more subdivisions, with more cars, on more roads, destroying more forests, for more strip malls, with more Old Navys' and more Sports Shoes', ordering inventory from more factories, that make more Star Wars figures......wait.......scratch that........that make more tires and light bulbs that purposely don't last, and more T.V.s and stereo systems, so that the next generation can put skinny low-profiles on their stupid looking "G-rides" and leave every light on in the "house" with Wheel of Fortune and Snoop Dogg blaring in the background while he knocks up his brother's wife, producing yet another cycle of homeless and hungry...........we wouldn't HAVE to blame Uncle Sam, now would we?

    (Incidently....I'm all about RESPONSIBLE parenting and no need to ostracize me just because you have kids....everyone knows exactly what I'm talking about!......)


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