View Poll Results: Why don't you get your toys at 7 or 8 am in the morning?

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  • I actually do and finding everything is not a problem

    106 16.08%
  • I can't figure out what days to shop

    85 12.90%
  • I can't stop on the way to work or school

    253 38.39%
  • I want to sleep at this time

    154 23.37%
  • Other

    61 9.26%
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    I do have considerable luck on Saturdays by finding figures before 8 a.m. It's part of my Saturday morning routine to visit Wal Mart early, and, if stuff is showing up in other areas with some consistency, I will stop in before work. I try to stop on Thursday nights, too.

    Other than the Ep. 2 sneak preview figures, I haven't found the last two waves (excluding Eeth Koth and Snaggletooth) at all. Very frustrating.

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    Sleeping in Chicago

    I use to rise early and try to beat the scalpers to get figures in the suburbs near Chicago. Now I just look for good prices on the figures on-line. It is less of a hassle and saves time and gas money. The TRUs, Walmarts and Targets around Chicago are sporatic in when they stock, and a lot of the figures are moved out the back door to scalpers. Best of all, I get to have my ZZZZZZZs.

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    I've come to the conclusion that my area, Detroit-Michigan, must be at the absolute end of the shipping line for stores getting items from there warehouses and distributors. Most new stuff (Star Wars, Simpsons) won't show up on shelves around here for 4 to 6 weeks after it has shown up elsewhere. I see someone in another post mentioned the same thing about Wisconson. Another problem is the TRU's around me area massively overstocked with pegwarmers from 3 or 4 waves ago back, so I doubt they are ordering new stock, or not putting it out if they do get it.

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    The reason I cant shop at 7-8 am is because of school.Now,I
    can do this on weekends,which I have,but there is nothing new.
    Oh sure,maybe one or two new figures will come in once a week,but they are normally army builders like Sandtroopers.

    When I go to TRU,instead of WM,they act like they have never
    ever heard of Starwars."Starwars?Look in action figures" is normally the answer I recive.

    There is not a huge scapler market in North Central Florida,so
    I dont know what is going on.Could be lack of ordering on the
    stores part or employees that snag the new stuff.
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    I have to be at work at 8am, and I work an hr away from home, so there isnt much time in the morning during the week for me.
    However on the weekend it is a different story. I have no problem working on only 4-5 hrs sleep and getting to the stores early. In fact that is what I did this past weekend, looking for that Jedi Starfighter (with no success I might add).
    Other than that on the weekends, my toy runs are usually done after work or late at night when my Wal Mart stocks the shelves.
    Either way sleep isnt a big priority.
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    One of the bigger volume Wal Marts in my area shifted their stocking time to later in the day because workers from the Ford plant across the street were cleaning SW and Hot Wheels out after they got off second-shift.

    There are eight Targets in my area. The two closest to me have the suckiest SW selection. I have to drive 20 minutes to the next store to find a better selection. I found the Ep. 2 preview figures at one of the other stores on Saturday.

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    Well, I stopped at the W-M on the way home again this a.m. and found the Bo Shek wave, so I voted that I that I do alright.

    I picked up a few extra of the wave and am willing to sell (at fair prices)or trade (I need preview fig's). So if you want a set (Bo Shek, Teebo, and R4-M9) for $23 to cover the fig's and shipping, email me at

    First come first served.

    On another note, it seems like everyone lives in an area that gets new merchandise later than most. Maybe we just all happen to live in the wrong area's....
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    Unhappy Can't shop at that time...already at work.

    I have a hard time hitting the stores at that time, because I'm already at work by then. I do, when possible, hit the stores just after 9 am and befor noon. I seem to find more at this time, because everyone else is at work and not quite ready to go to lunch.
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    Glad the mornings worked for you Dr. Evazan.

    To those looking towards Toys R Us for their figures: they are typically months behind. The Shmi Skywalker wave was out last summer! I think Toys R Us is just getting in the quantities Wal*Mart had in August!

    Wal*Mart and Target are usually better for hunting.

    To those trying the mornings for the first time because of this poll (and yeah, it was written as a suggestion to help people), shop now. Try for a week or so before you give up. I bet you'll come home with something if you make it there in the mornings before the store opens.

    Those suggesting weekends were best for Wal*Mart and Target are on to something.

    Target seems to stock for their weekends before Friday morning. That means their product is either all bought by Friday afternoon, or at least by Saturday afternoon. They do get some stuff over the weekend that could go out by Monday or Tuesday at the latest. Midweek, it's less worth your while to make the trip.

    Wal*Mart is a little more unpredictable, but generally follows this pattern.

    Meanwhile, to those ordering Online - try if you want to use one of SirSteve's Sponsors. They are the only ones I know of that charge $7.00 for a new figure! (non-mint) and $8 for a mint one. I think they add 25 cents for the preview figures' prices, but they ship fast and the total charge on most of my orders from them (and I have ordered from them 4 times now) has been equal to the price I'd pay at retail. Less sometimes if you count gas money and "no luck trips."

    I did not offer "buying online" as a poll choice because the question is "why don't you buy them at 7 or 8 am [at retail]"

    Among 3 other polls I plan on this series, we will discuss buying online, "hoarding new action figures," the scalper situation, and who is army building. I think since people can vote anonymously, it can encourage honest voting, and those who want to defend their purchasing habits will also have the chance to do so.

    I use a combination of buying online from Yestertoys, to shopping at 7 and 8 am. I only recently hit the stores because I am in a collecting circle and got tipped off that stuff was shipping. There is an appeal to having it in your hands when you purchase it. Before that, all of our collecting group was buying online from each of their favorite vendors.

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    Great topics for future polls, Tycho.

    Even with its financial situation and unseen future, I've had good luck with Kmart. I was lucky enough to find one of the deluxe Leia's for $10.


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