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    I used to hunt semi-vigorously for figures in stores, but have since opted to get them online. For a brief period, I tried that whole thing of being at Target at 8 am, but honestly, I felt very self-conscious being there with a whole bunch of middle-aged men (mostly) who sort of speed-walked back to the toy section. Half of them split off to attack the Matchbox cars and the other guys hit the Star Wars stuff. Frankly, I'm not interested in being that much of a Star Wars geek that I need to race through a store to fight over toys. Not to put anyone down, but being a "store opening regular" seems a little pathetic to least for me.

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    In my area, the number of collectors who stand outside a store at opening has tremendously dropped. Only the true die-hard collectors and scalpers are out at the crack of dawn, and I think I can count them on one hand!

    I use those fellow collectors I run into as sources of information -- where'd you see this, how long ago and how much? Sometime it's good info, sometimes not. I found the sneak preview figures even after a guy told me they were all gone from the area.

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    LOL Kid - at those guys who are middle-aged men that run through the toy isles!

    I know!

    I'm in my 20's and yes I realize how pathetic it is to be there with that bunch, but hey...if you want the toys at retail...

    the moral of this poll is "the early bird gets the worm."

    I have a life and have better things to do than go to the store every morning, but when it ships and I don't have it yet...

    Anyway, those guys are there for several reasons:

    1) They are HotWheels collectors and those cars ship very irregularly if not constantly, plus include one-per-case "Treasure Hunts" those guys are always trying to find.

    I don't understand the HotWheels fad, but it is longstanding and those collectors cite reasons that their toys are only pocket change versus ours that run from $7 on up.

    2) Those guys ARE scalpers, and they go every day because 5 Jangos aren't enough. They have to have ALL the Jangos so they can "control the market on them."

    That is why I don't want them touching "my Star Wars figures" and also why I'll buy all the Jangos I want at the same time. No telling where the ones I left behind ended up. But I only take what I can use.

    I don't buy for trade bait either. I only shop for others when I know it is on their list. Plus I deal with 6 other local collectors who are all my friends and "deals" are for exact cash with receipts turned over. A rare variation might make me reconsider trading for that one occasion, but there's little I need. [carded or loose but complete Dark Empire Leia anyone?]

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    Since I work at Target, I get my stuff when I go into work! Contrary to popular belief, we shop off the same shelves you do. I wish I could grab the Lando I need from the back. Damn job morals!

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    im an 8:30-5er. i drop my wife off at 7am, run to WAL-MART then go to TARGET to wait till they open at 8. X-mas time comes, we have a choice of TOYRS R US & TARGET for new stuff.

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    now, my friend works at WALMART and he calls me at all hours of the night to tell me what came in. I got the cool sneak preview figures for $5.76 each because they didnt come up in the computer yet so he faked a price!

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    It's not my business, but that's kinda dirty. But on the other hand, if it were an end- table i probably wouldn't care. That's more his problem than yours. He's the kind of person that gives retail workers (myself included) bad names.

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    Well, I voetd for other. I live in Fort Wayne Indiana and surprisingly we are one of the first cities to get the new toys. Targets usually stockas here on Wednesdays at 11am-1pm. WIth Targets I have been able to find the Y-wing adn everythiung but lately the haven't got any new cases. Wal-Mart has every new fig and they had the Sneak Peek figures for three days and they just got the R4-M9 wave but that sold out in one day because each store is only getting one case. Luckily I snagged a BoShek and Teebo. Unfortuantely an eight year old got away with the R4-M9 that I wanted the most from this wave. Oh well.
    Come vote in my Best Figure thread this Preview Month.

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    Plo Koon, you didn't use the Force to persuade the little punk to hand over the droid?

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    Why is it that every time I try to vote in a poll it always says:
    You have already voted on this poll
    It's just so annoying!!!!

    The same happens on the polls in TFN.


    P.S. And before anyone makes any sarcastic comments NO I haven't already voted in the poll!


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