View Poll Results: Why don't you get your toys at 7 or 8 am in the morning?

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  • I actually do and finding everything is not a problem

    106 16.08%
  • I can't figure out what days to shop

    85 12.90%
  • I can't stop on the way to work or school

    253 38.39%
  • I want to sleep at this time

    154 23.37%
  • Other

    61 9.26%
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    Originally posted by Pendo
    Why is it that every time I try to vote in a poll it always says:
    You have already voted in this poll.

    It's just so annoying!!!!

    The same happens on the polls in TFN.


    P.S. And before anyone makes any sarcastic comments NO I haven't already voted in the poll!
    And I've just realised why!...

    ...I'm tired and i want to go to bed!!!


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    I chose "I want to sleep at this time" because I believe if you have to hit stores at 7 AM to find anything good then there IS a very big problem with distribution. Scalpers/Hoarders don't help at all either!

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    I don't get mine that early because 1/2 the stores in my area are lazy and put stuff out throughout the day so I never know which time is the best to go in there. A prime example is TRU. I don't know how many times I have gone in there and they have been putting stuff out on the shelves at 4 pm. Since they can never do things a certain way, it makes it hard to get the things I want because I never know when to check. Also, I get tired of checking at a store day after day and them not having anything, so I only go about once or twice a week nowadays instead of once a day.
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    New Figures

    I ahve been pretty lucky in Springfield, MO. They are changing a Wal-Mart into another Super Center ( already have 3 and 1 regular ) and they have been putting things out like crazy. The last two waves have been at clearance prices ( $4.00 ) and the previews figures are out here also and in our local Target. Our Toys r us and kaybees are to picked over by employes and if need a exclusive from they I usually have to go to Kansas City or St Louis. I hope everyone can find the figures they want and good luck. Don't lose any sleep just remember, all the R2-D2 with leia cases that showed up for $1.97 these figures will show up again.

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    Talking collecting blues

    I live in Fort Wayne, IN and I manage a large surf and skateboarding clothing company store, so I tend to sleep in too late to get to my target even though it is right behind the mall. Toys r us has been great to me though because of the great girl named Dawn there. She looks up sku's and things like that for me. Today they had another case of excl. at-st's and the zutton wave again. Wal-mart has been pretty good also, but the toy dept. manager is a real pain in the rear! She informed me that she WILL NOT LET PEOPLE KNOW AVAILABILITY AND WILL NOT HOLD FIGURES! which for Wal-Mart's NO-customer service policy made me laugh. I buy toys for pleasure...not like that and not for scalping. I am always willing to get stuff for people at the store cost and tax oh yeah and the cost of priority amil shipping! I just want people who have to deal with scalpers to get what they need. So if you want something do not be afraid to ask!
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    I checked off the "other" category. I used to get most of my Star Wars stuff at opening but now wait until early-mid afternoon. I have realized that Target, Wal-Mart and TRU are all very aware that there are collectors waiting outside and they now stock their shelves after the "collector rush". Since most of the collectors are running around between 8:00-10:00 in the morning the stores wait to stock till around noon. By that time most of the guys have gone home. I found the Sneak preview figures at both of my local Targets today at about 12:30 p.m. including Jango Fett.

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    getting lazy

    I used to go to Walmart and/or Target on the way to work and school, but since the number of figures has slowed down over the past couple years, I don't really rush out to get them. Lately, I haven't been searching the stores as much because some websites are starting to offer lower prices.

    I still go to stores on weekends, sometimes I get lucky. I got FX-7 and Snaggletooth from a nearby Walmart a couple weeks ago. On Friday afternoon, I found Rebel Trooper (with his small weapon) and the Imperial officer at a Target.

    I did order the Teebo wave and 2 deluxe figs from the internet.

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    I voted for work or school.

    Hey, gotta have some way to pay for all of this stuff.
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    I picked the "Other" category because what happens to me is that I actually do go to stores early and they just don't have anything.

    The newest stuff here is Fx7, Eeth Koth and Zutton of course with no Imp officers and Reb troops. Mostly lots of landos and jar jars. I think they are waiting for people to buy those before they put new stuff out because there is certainly ALOT of them. And to top it all off, a Target near my house still had their Amanaman and Leia deluxe on the shelf for $15.99. And there are ALOT of those too!

    I just remember the good ol' days when you could get any of the vintage figures...there was never a problem finding any particular figure or vehicle. When they came out, they were on the pegs and on the shelf. Simple as that!
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    Well, those Imperial Officers and Rebel Troopers went SomeWhere? I doubt they are in the back room in an Open case.

    They are stocking at some point, and either a scalper or someone building up their armies is getting them. It could be an employee, or you might not be hitting the racks when these cases are freshly stocked. You're the only one who can truly find out, as everyone's store and everyone's situation can vary quite a bit.

    But we're going to take a look at the "ethics" of army building in another poll and see what everyone does with that.


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