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    I did get my 15 Geonosians with no problem, leaving plenty behind (at Midnight Madness).

    But only at 7 am at Wal*Mart was I able to acquire 4 Yodas (which all sold out at that time - myself sharing 1 with a mother who had a shopping list).

    I also got 5 Count Dookus at 7 am, and shared 2 at that Wal*Mart. At another Wal*Mart that opened at 8 am, I got 2 more Dooku's and shared another with a dude who was a collector (my age) and specifically looking for him. Yoda was available there too, but I didn't want any more than 4 of that sculpt of him. (Too late I think I changed my mind to say I could use 1 more....)

    Anakin Hanger Duel was around a'plenty at this time. I got 11 myself, and there were a lot on the racks. But at the 8 am store, he was more popular than what I'd seen of a response to Anakin during the earlier shopping.

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    Maybe a dumb question , but why are you buying
    4 Yodas
    7 Count Dookus
    10 Anakin Hanger Duels
    Whats the point ?
    How much is too much?
    the 15 Geonosians are at least army builders, although that still seems greedy to me

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    For scenes. See the other collector etiquette polls for descriptions.

    Basically, Count Dooku and Yoda DO more than 1 thing in the movie. Therefore I need many representations of their character to interact with all the other characters.

    Anakin and Obi-Wan are the stars of the movie, so by far they are the highest count: nearly 30 figures of each of them.

    However, paying careful attention to the trailer and the comic's pictures, they are dressed differently in different scenes, so I need an Obi-Wan that's molded with his cloak and sort of wet looking for about 7 scenes, etc. I bought as many Coruscant Chase figures as I think that figure could cover for the young Jedi Master's E2 scenes. I think that was only about 8 or 9 figures in Obi-Wan's case. 11 in Hanger Duel Anakin's case. Now I'll need Anakin "not-angry" and with a molded Jedi Robe on him, plus one that can ride a swoop bike.

    The distinction between myself and you Aikman, is that you are a Collector. I am a Diorama-Builder. By the very nature of what I do, I am of course an Army-Builder, and I also end up "collecting" virtually every figure. But there are exceptions, and I purposely do NOT buy certain figures that I cannot use. The new Han and Chewbacca that are coming out this summer, plus that Qui-Gon, I have no use for. Darth and Luke are appealing, but I want to see them personally before I make the call in their case. Right now I'll pass on buying them if they aren't "THAT cool." Instead I could use 3 each of the upcoming Mace and Jango - mostly for the same scenes, but I'm going to use a variety of the figures of them to illustrate a step-by-step progression of their life-and-death struggle.

    Links to some of my diorama pictures (from Classic Star Wars) have been posted in some of the collector etiquette polls. If I don't get to adding them to this post, please check the last posts I made in a couple other collecting habit question polls. You'll see the 5 foot long Blockade Runner I built which would have been silly not to fill with like 8 Rebel Fleet Troopers, and 15 Stormtroopers etc. What would be the point of having only 1 of each of them? Like I said, I'm not exactly a "collector." But I'm every bit of enthusiastic about Star Wars as any of the rest of you who come here!

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    Hope im not sounding too critical ....

    Dioramas are cool, but how necessary is it to have 30 kenobis?

    30 kenobis * 5.99 =$180, just for kenobi, ouch
    Cant you just move a few around between them?

    How many dioramas do you have? How much space do they take up?

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    You should check out the other forums as Tycho suggested. He posted some pictures and you can see his AWESOME collection of dioramas.

    And if he has the cash to spend on his hobby, more power to him.

    After seeing those pics, you'll understand.
    Yo momma. That's right, I said "yo momma".

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    got a link?
    i looked and cant find any

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    This was one of them. I think he posted more on another thread somewhere also.
    Yo momma. That's right, I said "yo momma".

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    Here's some of my Classic Dioramas

    Use the menus on the left to view different images.

    Here's my Rebel Blockade Runner

    Use the menus on the left again, but make sure you see the later pics showing the interior of the ship and all the figures aboard.

    Since these shots were taken, I've added troops, TC-14 as U-3PO (same difference), and R4M9. Hopefully a Capatain Antilles figure will be made so I can complete this set!

    Meanwhile, once I make these, they are kind of permanent. I don't want to knock stuff over removing Luke in these cases, or Obi-Wan in stuff I will do for Episode 2 (to answer your question).

    And no, I won't buy 30 of the SAME Obi-Wan figure. I'll wait for useful resculpts, as I now expect a ton of them coming - and some WILL be quite useful.

    I have maybe 81 Classic Dioramas, and I purchased quantities to do very specific scenes from Episode One and prequel EU that will amount to 86 more scenes.

    I have 61 scenes planned for Episode 2.

    If I get the interest and the time, I could list the Classic or E1 / EU scenes, but the Episode 2 ones would be spoilers as they basically give away the whole movie, scene by scene. That's the idea though: tell the story with the toys.

    I only have room for the Classic Scenes in my 2 bdrm / 2 bth apartment and will buy a very large home one day, because I'll need to use every section of it to house my collection and tell the epic with toys. That is just one aspect of my life - so don't take it that I'm only all about that. I live a very fulfilled life and constantly try to make it better in all areas.

    However, in terms of Star Wars collecting, whether I'm insane or not - I do this because almost Nobody Else Does!

    If it were common and ordinary, it would be boring. But if you want to see somebody better, try NiubNiub's Universe. This guy is a professional movie effects guy. Also ACPin on our site seems to have considerable more time to put into his scenes, or must take some of his down to make room for newer ones.

    I don't have the time, and I'm quite happy with my Classic Ones. I don't want to move them one inch! Meanwhile, I look forward to one day being able to build Otah Gunga and try and create the illusion of being underwater for a massive scene on that scale!

    But you get the idea.

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    That stuff is cool,

    nuib is the man


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