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    EPII - too much Computer Effect?

    I have just downloaded the latest trailer and to be frank, am quite sad to see that SW has lost the touch of old. I think there is too much emphasis in using computer graphics, the show looks unrealistic.
    Maybe that is why old timers like myself cannot really relate the Starwars of old to the current prequel. Any of you have the same feel?
    Gone are the days where you have to make a Death Star prop and AT-ATs models for filming...

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    I'm afraid that we are loosing that touch of realisom. I believe before to long computer movies"as I call Them" will be the norm. Even though I do like the look but you can't help but feel that it is less real. It is sad in away.
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    This is one reason why I wouldn't want Lucas to do episodes 7-9, it wouldn't be the same as if he had done them right after the OT.

    I don't really like all off the green/blue screen stuff, too much is CGI lately, personally I liked the OT's model & real gun props. It gave it more to "connect" to I guess, because everything seemed more real, if they wanted a hangar bay full of ships, they made the ships, if they wanted them to fly, they'd use models, but now.. if they want all that, they leave it to a computer to decipher it all...
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    I'm with you, I thought the same thing when I saw the trailer, "It looks like a frickin cartoon".

    Nothing, though, IMO, is worse than those soulless CGI cartoons Hollywood keeps churning out. Jimmy Neutron, Ice Age, etc. Are we ever again gonna see anything drawn with a pen, the old fashioned way? <<sigh>> My age is showing..

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    Is 100% digital effects, "too much"? It certainly can't be labeled as "not enough".

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    While very well done...

    It seems like the actors and the REAL props are now the foreign elements in the films. There doesn't seem to be that wonderful "tangible" quality to the objects. Everything looks like piece of artwork come to life. It's bizarre. Like I said in a previous thread, there is a loss of visual continuity to the series. We have another asteroid belt, but it looks completely different compared to the one in ESB. Different textures and lighting and whatnot. Oh, well.
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    Lucas apparently wanted the cg unrealness effect to take place in the prequels. Which is why he waited so long in making them, right?

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    Originally posted by Rollo Tomassi
    Is 100% digital effects, "too much"? It certainly can't be labeled as "not enough".

    Actually, they still do really use a lot of models and traditional visual efects techniques. It's just that those are usually lost in the flood of CGI around them.

    For instance, the very first shots of TPM look so great to me, because they look almost identical to the OT space shots. The Republic Transport by itself, just one model and a huge starfield behind it. But of course they blow that up and most of the other spaceship shots are either totally CGI, or CGI "enhanced" so you lose that real feeling.
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    I don't feel that old but I was around to see the first three films in there original theatrical run. George pushed the envelope so hard on those films that most everyone in the film industry thought he was crazy and wasting his time. By the time the rest of the industry had caught up George and ILM were on to the next level. I do understand where you guys are coming from but I like the scope of things in these prequels. George has said that these first three have a wide, sweeping scope and the last three are focused on mainly Luke's narrow view of the galaxy. I like models and matte paintings as much as anyone but I think the computer generate stuff looks great as well. Sure it has a different "feel" than some of the older methods but it's still created by artists who have a passion for what they create. I guess it's a matter of personal taste. For those of us that grew up with original Star Wars films, I think they will always occupy a special place in our hearts and minds that the new trilogy can't fully become a part of.
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    Technology is always moving forward and movie audiences crave something new. Sure the PT will vastly overshadow the OT in terms of visual effects; but we all knew that was going to happen considering the movies are made over twenty years later. Could you imagine how disappointed audiences would be if Ep1 had used nothing but optical compositing and floppy rubber masks? Along with presenting a compelling neo-mythic story, the Star Wars films have always pushed the boundaries of technology in visual effects. If you truly believed that GL would make a visually substandard film just to mesh better with the OT then you were seriously fooling yourself.
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