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    Spoilers or Not?

    This is a friendly thread . Just perusing through some other posts and I became curious about why some people want to know the story before seeing it in the theater or not .

    I remember the last time I did that was in 1983, when I started reading the ROTJ novelization the night before seeing the movie. I couldn't put it down. It was so exciting and I couldn't wait to see the movie. But knowing everything (aside from actual shots) really took away from my enjoyment so I think that that is why I try to avoid spoilers for the prequels. Preserving that sense of excitement in the theater is important for me.

    But what about the rest of you? For Episode I, spoilers came in all forms-- internet, the pre-release soundtrack, magazines, etc and EP II seems to be worse (better?) for spoilers. Do you avoid them? Why? Do you seek them out? Why?

    Oh, and please keep this spoiler-free ! No need to spill Ep II secrets trying to explain any of this. Use Ep I examples if necessary to illustrate a point. Thanks!

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    I dont mind spoilers at all. In fact I like knowing what is going to happen. To me it does not really reveal that much because you can still know what will happen, but you do not know how it will all look and play out in the actual film.
    For example, I did read the EP1 spoilers and I knew about Obi Wan cutting Maul in half. What I did not know though was at what point it would happen, how he would do it, etc.
    Yes I have read alot of spoilers to EP2 and I must say I am really looking forward to it and I cannot wait to see how all this unfolds on the big screen.
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    I think spoiler hunters look forward to recieving little "hits" to satisfy their addiction to Star Wars, rather than waiting for the big payoff at the theatre if they were to remain spoiler free. it's like if they wait for the movie and it's not up to their expectations they are let down, but if they are reading a new tidbit every week and discussing it with all the other spolier freaks, then the movie almost becomes secondary. I tried remaining spoiler free for II but couldn't. I am going to try harder for III because this is my last chance to be overwhelmingly suprised for a Star Wars film. I already know what's it's like to go into the movie knowing everything. I've experienced that twice with Episode I and II. Now I want to experience it the other way and be suprised like when I was a child. If that means signing off SSG for a few years, so be it. I wish I could trust everybody to keep the spoilers in the spoiler sections, but the temptation is too great to drop spoilers into any thread they can. They figure because they know everything and want to know everything, then everybody else does too. I lost track of the number of spoilers for AOTC I found in the toy sections (so much that the mods threw up their hands and decided the spoiler types were in the majority and the non spoilers could take a hike.) the Classic movie sections, the Phantom Menace movie sections, the book section and here in the general discussion section.

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    I kinda fell into a SPOILER trap for Episode II. Once you read one spoiler it wets your appetite and you want to know more!
    Before you know it your a spoiler freak!!!

    Hopefully I'm going to remail spoiler free for Episode III!


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    For the record, I have tried to keep E2 spoilers in the forum they belong. I really didn't see the point in discussing spoiler material in the toy section when we have a E2 spoilers section just a couple of clicks away.

    Why do I follow them? I guess it's like I was watching this movie, and something made me miss 1/6th of it. When I try to find out what happened everyone else missed the same part. So now we sit around trying to figure out what happened in the middle based on what happened in the beginning and the end.

    I don't do this with any other movies, so it must be a SW thing.

    I've only been upset one time about having a movie spoiled for me, and that was for "The Sixth Sense". The whole film seems wrapped around a discovery at the end, and some tactless joke of a movie critic on TV blurted out the surprise.

    There is one thing that I have been spoiled on for E2 that I kinda wish I didn't know, but I could not satisfy my curiosity (or whatever) and not know it. I think I saw it posted in the toys section, and even though I can understand why that info would be added there, I think some discretion by the spoiled would have been in order.

    To sum up:

    I must satisfy my inner detective .
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    I agree completely Jedi Clint. I only read spoilers to SW also.
    I love it so much that it really doesnt matter to me. But I do have one friend who will ask me a very specific SW question and then he will say "But dont give me a spoiler!!"
    Whats up with that?
    And someone ruined "The Sixth Sense" for me too. My stupid boss (at the time) just came out and said it. I was managing a video store and when he brought me the poster to put up (this was when the video was released) he told me. Made me so mad.
    After knowing that the movie was useless.
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    Posted this in another thread that was closed, so I figured I would re-post it here, since it follows the theme for this thread.

    For myself, it's fun to discuss the latest news about the movie with people here, and dig up info, piecing it all together before the movie opens. It's a thrill to take the latest hot topic and judge it by the info that has proven true, against a sort of "psychological profile" of George to weigh if it's true or false. I enjoyed doing it for E1 as well, keeps me from going crazy in waiting for the movie to open.

    Besides, to me...reading about the film, and knowing everything from the opening scroll to the final shot is a vastly different experience then actually seeing it. I guess I'm to much of a rabid fan to wait for the movie, especially when Lucas releases pictures on the net and in magazines that wet my appetite for every scrap of news I can dig up. Not to mention the spoilerish action figures that make me want more.

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    Reading the plot and seeing it are two different things. For me it is helpful to have an idea of what is going to happen when I sit down to watch the film. But I think it is more of a SW thing, because I dont really do this with other movies.
    I just cant wait for the movie without knowing something.
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    I agree with JJB. When I go to a movie especially SW ( :happy: ) I like to know about those "mysterious" characters and such, like what their names are, why they're there, where they come from, etc. so I'm not left pondering and end up missing bits of the movie.
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    I truly hate spoilers, FOR ME there is no point of knowing whats going to happen b4 seeing the movie, and not just the SW movies, but all the movies. Yep, i'm spoilerfree Haaaaar
    As always...........L


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