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    So what about midichlorians?

    I personally believe this is the lamest plot point GL ever came up with as far as Star Wars is concerned. I apologize if this has been brought up before, but I don't usually read this forum.

    My question is simple. Is GL going to leave the extremely vague and ridiculous explanation about the midichlorians (and Anakin's birth) from TPM stand, or will he elaborate in Episode II? How could he bring up something with so much bearing on our understanding of the force and not mention it in any other movie other than TPM?

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    I'm sure that most of the people will concur when I say, "don't get me started!"

    (see the old posts for further elaboration and many, many thesis-like discussions on this topic)

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    George Lucas is not exactly famous for undoing stupid plot points like that one. My guess is that Mount Doom will freeze over before that happens to this one.
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    I have a couple theories on this, but I don't have the time to repost them right now. I'll get to it later.

    However, theories aside, I doubt Lucas will fix this giant mess.
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    Midichlorian sounds like some Hi-tech electronic pool water cleaner.
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    OY! I have tried my best to help people understand this, here we go again! If you go back to the movie(TPM), they are just what Qui-Gon says they are, "life forms that live inside all living cells, they continually speak to us and help tell us the will of the force."

    Top 5 points to remember

    1. They are not the Force!

    2. They don't literally speak to the Jedi.

    3. They are just a Tool to help potential Force users focus, or tune into, the Force.

    4. If they did not exist, it doesn't mean the Force would cease to exist, just that sentient life forms could not tap into the Force.

    5. They don't destroy the mysticism of the Force, they just allow Force users to better control the Force!

    Personally I think what Lucas is going for with these things is, like ourselves in real life, what gives us that sense of feeling of "something else"? Why do we feel there is something other than ourselves? What makes us develop religion? Is it ESP, God's omniself, or maybe midichlorians?!
    Look at it this way, there is a difference between spirituality, and religion. The Force being spirituality, and Midichlorians being religion! That which helps us define, control, and understand our spirituality! When I say define, I mean to give meaning without actually knowing or understanding the true nature of what we call God or someone else saying Alla, Budda, The Presence, etc!
    To support these ideas, and the fact that Midichlorians do not destroy the Force or it's mysticism, I ask this: Does religion the tool to communicate and understand "God" destroy his/her mysticsim? If you belive in that sort of thing and have great faith in which ever religion you prescribe to, who here can honestly say they know who, or what God actually is?
    Even for all his power, and wisdom, I'd say it's a safe bet that even Yoda doesn't fully know what the force is, although he provides one of the best descriptions thus far; "It's an energy field created by all living things, it surrounds us, penetrates us, and binds the galaxy together." If anything this statement by Yoda destroys any mysticism the force holds, more than the Midichlorians do! Herein might lie the secret to the differnet aspects of the Force! The Light, The Dark, The Living, and whatever else George might throw at us!

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    Midichlorians do not destroy the Force or it's mysticism

    That's a wonderful explanation of what Midis supposedly are and how they effect things around them. That's all well and good, however...

    I believe that the greater issue for Star Wars fans 'round the world is how and why they should belong in the Universe at all.

    To get it out of the way up front, my personal belief for their existence is because George Lucas, when sitting down to write this epic, needed some tangible way for Qui Gon to "see" that Anakin was strong with the Force. The Pod Race sequence was supposed to be the vehicle for this but that message (that because the human, Anakin, can do it he must be strong with the Force) gets lost very quickly in the action. Fearing we, the audience and all the dim-witted kids out there, wouldn't get it, GL concocts a measurable entity that the Jedi can actually count which essentially "gives" Anakin a strong power over the Force. Instead of being subtle, GL hits us over the head because A) he can't think of anything else on his own and refused to have other writers polish his work this time, and B) he thinks that we and the kids were going to be too stupid to understand any kind of subtle way of merely "showing" us Anakin's power.

    The proof is in the precedent that he established years ago. Tomes have been written about how Luke, a simple farm boy, JUST LIKE YOU AND ME, discovered a strength in himself that he didn't know he had which helped him overcome his greatest fears and fulfill his innermost dreams. Never, not until TPM, was there any mention of Midichlorians. Luke, on his own, with basic physical, mental, and theological training from Yoda and Ben, achieved these things. No little beings talking to him from his bloodstream. He succeeded by going through the pain of trials as all mythic hero figures do.

    There can be no argument that Lucas did not even imagine these things when the original trilogy was written or they would have shown up in the films AND in all that other Expanded Universe stuff as well as the countless books and videos that were made in the meantime.

    He woke up one morning with a problem and solved it in a very amateurish way. That's the long and short of it.

    If you belive in that sort of thing and have great faith in which ever religion you prescribe to, who here can honestly say they know who, or what God actually is?

    The question conflicts with itself. If you have proof of anything, what then is the purpose of faith? Of course no one knows for certain who or what God is. The Hindu belief is actually very close to that of the Jedi. In very basic terms, God or whatever you want to call the original conscious entity, was one cohesive being. Who knows why, but "it" divided itself and created the Universe we know and everything in it. The consciousness (or "soul") that all living things possess, are shards of that original cohesive energy. When we die, our little piece of that consciousness rejoins with the rest of the "free" energy out there. That energy seems to be what Yoda is talking about when he describes the Force to Luke. Unlike us, the Jedi have managed to tap into this energy to do "magical" things and "see" the future. Using different words, most religions subscribe to this line of thought, though many would be reluctant to join in the comparison.

    Scientifically, we don't know if this energy thing is true or not. But through religion, we have "faith" that it is. The Jedi seem to "know" it to be true and have more or less proven it by discovering the secret to manipulating it. That's a huge point and not to be glossed over. We and they are very different. Our religion(s) attempt to explain life, it's origins, it's purpose, and it's destination. The religion of the Jedi, as presented in the films, does none of that, rather it's sole purpose is to use their understanding of the nature of the Universe, manipulate it when necessary, for what they perceive as being the greater good.

    That's the Force. Where do the Midichlorians fit in? Again, fine if they exist as middlemen. But only if the continuity of the original trilogy is not upset by their introduction so late in the game. The bad news is that, yes, there are problems. Big ones. They don't belong.

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    But stillakid you mentioned God... now I'm warning you that was a really bad thing to do....

    Any similarity between your favourite SW saga and the bible is truly circumstantial ()....

    Oh please, I'm sure it won't be long before the bible-bashers start to knock on your door.......................
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    What makes us develop religion? Is it ESP, God's omniself, or maybe midichlorians?!
    power. That is the driving force of religion. The ability of the strong to manipulate the weak by way of symbolism and fear and urban myth. religion is just a different spelling of cult.
    The strong have faith in themselves, the weak have faith in the strong. Exploitation is all it is.

    Qui-Gon exploited a weak little boy to suit his own greed for self gratification and glory. He is no different from Palpatine in the sense that he uses others to further his own gains. The Jedi are just as evil as any Imperial supremo. They exploit every weakness in a person to get their own way. Man - I detest those Jedi!

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    Originally posted by EMPEROR JARGO

    power. That is the driving force of religion.
    Power is the driving force of "organized" religion. I was speaking in a broader sense. When you start getting into individual denominations and organizations, it's a whole different discussion.


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