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    When are tickets available?

    Does anybody know when abouts tickets become available for AOTC. I don't want to miss out on the chance of getting tickets for the midnight showing on 16th May.


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    I guess it depends on the theatre.
    I'm guessing that the Carmike cinema were I live will start selling tickets the 15th for the midnight showing.

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    Usually about a week before hand is when they are available. Check out sites like and closer to the opening to see when tickets will be available.
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    OK, thanx for the info guys !


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    Odeon cinemas in the UK will have tickets on sale for AOTC from 12th April. They are also showing the film at 12:01am on Thursday 16th May so I'm glad to know that Lucasfilm's "No midnight showing" thing doesn't apply in the UK.



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