I'm kind of hoping to see a new Death Star playset at some point.

If you're familiar with the vintage one, I've got something in mind that is essentially four of those that link together in the middle, like a pie, and have rounded exterior panels. The idea being that when you put it all together, it looks like a ball from the outside.

Sure, it might run on the pricey side, but couldn't possibly be more than $80. The AT AT's did fairly well at that price and from what I can tell, just about everybody who wanted the Queen's ship bought it. The sheer "coolness" of this new Death Star would attract kids and collectors alike. It could even integrate the different rooms from ANH and ROTJ in the same toy to maximize it's playability.

Imagine the top with the Emperor's chair out of the Cinema scene (see, pieces of it are already molded so that reduces some cost right there!). The middle has the classic retracting bridge.

In there somewhere is the tractor beam control.

Don't forget the garbage chute coming off the second floor detention block hallway leading to the compactor at the bottom.

I'm all giddy just thinkin' about it. Who wouldn't buy this?! You'd have to be nuts.

What do you say Hasbro? I'll even help draw up the plans to get it going...