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Thread: Death Star!!!!

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    Red face Death Star!!!!

    I'm kind of hoping to see a new Death Star playset at some point.

    If you're familiar with the vintage one, I've got something in mind that is essentially four of those that link together in the middle, like a pie, and have rounded exterior panels. The idea being that when you put it all together, it looks like a ball from the outside.

    Sure, it might run on the pricey side, but couldn't possibly be more than $80. The AT AT's did fairly well at that price and from what I can tell, just about everybody who wanted the Queen's ship bought it. The sheer "coolness" of this new Death Star would attract kids and collectors alike. It could even integrate the different rooms from ANH and ROTJ in the same toy to maximize it's playability.

    Imagine the top with the Emperor's chair out of the Cinema scene (see, pieces of it are already molded so that reduces some cost right there!). The middle has the classic retracting bridge.

    In there somewhere is the tractor beam control.

    Don't forget the garbage chute coming off the second floor detention block hallway leading to the compactor at the bottom.

    I'm all giddy just thinkin' about it. Who wouldn't buy this?! You'd have to be nuts.

    What do you say Hasbro? I'll even help draw up the plans to get it going...

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    I would definitely buy this! I used to have the big vintage Death Star Playset and it was the coolest toy I ever remember owning!

    I like the idea of Star Wars sections and ROTJ sections, that would definitely add booku play value.
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    Never had one ,but would buy one if the price wasn't to high.
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    I was thinking about this one for a lloooong time when I was on my "Sectional Playsets" Kick.

    My Idea was a Docking Bay "frame" playset big enough to hold a Falcon and the smaller sets would inter-connect around the outside of it. The price point got so high, I had to leave it alone.

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    I still have my vintage DS and it's in mint condition! I was a careful little kid... MAN! I'm glad I was, too!

    I still love that thing!

    I used it for my ROTJ adventures, too... I just removed the cannon and used the Cannon's chair as the Emperor's throne... it was good enough for me!
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    As long as Hasbro does not include exclusive figures to force us to buy the Death Star, I am all for a new DS playset (or sets). Kenner/Hasbro has already illustrated a penchant for making multiple use playsets as seen with the oft-recycled Batman Wayne Manor playset used for Batman, Batman Returns, and possibly even Batman Forever, as well as (if I am not mistaken) Gargoyles. I like the idea of the Emperor's throne being included, but would rather see a deluxe Emperor with throne that is not permanantly attached to a Cinema Scenes base. The throne should never have had the base permanantly attached as it were, it should have been a stand alone with a peg hole in the bottom so it could be displayed independant of the floor panel.

    Like many others here I have a vintage Death Star (it is one of the hallmarks of my vintage collection) and it would be nice for contemporary collectors to have such a well thought out piece. I even have a pair of trash monsters swimming in my foam garbage.

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    Originally posted by JEDIpartnr
    I still have my vintage DS and it's in mint condition! I was a careful little kid... MAN! I'm glad I was, too!

    I still love that thing!

    I used it for my ROTJ adventures, too... I just removed the cannon and used the Cannon's chair as the Emperor's throne... it was good enough for me!

    I tried to do that but couldn't figure out how to remove the chair from the flat thing without breaking both? How to please?

    The top floor isn't flat when you take off the gun. Is that right? How do you get around that?

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    stillakid, I just took the throne off the base by using a saw blade for my exacto knife which cuts through the plastic a treat.

    Start with a hacksaw. A fine blade will take off most of the baseplate in one chunk and then with patience, using the smaller exacto saw blade, carefully saw around the seat base in little increments.
    Actually I cheated first and snapped one of the retaining lugs off the the underneath of the seat base, so that I could prise out the seat and concentrate, without damaging the shiney surface.

    Once you've cut a rough circle a couple of millimeters all round the base, stop and begin filing the remaining plastic scruffy edges with a fine flat metal file you can probably find in a hobby store or a good hardware store. The fineness of the file and the size means that it will take a while to smooth off the edges but the result looks something like this....
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    Cool thanks. What about the third floor underneath the gun?

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    Thumbs up

    I would buy this in a heart beat, but I just want it more detailed than the 70's version. The must for me would have to be :

    A complete Trash Compactor. It would have to be filled with all parts, and trash, wires, tubes, pipes, and everything else. Another important part, vital part, is the Trash Compactor Monster. It should have some detail and color to it, just not a peice of plastic. I would also like to see the wall being able to close in as well. Still, the monster is the MUST!!!!
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