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Thread: Boba's Mother

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    Boba's Mother

    We all know that Jango is the donor of DNA for the Kaminoans to create a clone army, but who provided the enucleated oocyte (egg) into which Jango's DNA did its work?

    Suggestions guys...

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    The cleaning lady who keeps the kaminoan city looking so sparkly clean?

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    ONE cleaner for the whole city? I wouldn't want you as an employer.

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    That's right YOU WOULDN'T.........!! MWAHAHAHA!!!

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    It's probably a well-kept secret, known only to Ko Sai and her cloning staff. (In other words, Lucas doesn't know. This isn't science fact, so he wouldn't have to have a logical answer.)

    The Kaminoans probably have plenty of donor cells, having a need to clone all their eats. Universal donor cells...hmmmm...
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    Just imagine if a laboratory existed in the facility which housed 100s of donor subjects. Totally creepy Or perhaps there's a giant 'Queen' Kaminoan who churns out ova by the bucket load. The mind boggles

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    Let's face it, in all seriousness, there isn't anything even remotely feasible about the multi cloning facility. It isn't earthly science so it can be achieved however GL decides it can be. They can probably clone the egg and then clone that and clone that........

    Anything is possible in the galaxy where people use the force to lift spaceships out of swamps and send balls of lightning at each other. In the galaxy where aliens all mix do business without eating each other. Where tiny little jawas drive monster tanks and the government convenes in a huge assembly chamber and ride around on fairground attraction hover pods. Where a guy can fly around using a jet pack and not set fire to himself and has no visible means of directing himself around but achieves aeronautical ballet moves while using both hands to fire laser guns in the rain that should refract the laser beam into lots of tiny little beams that would randomly refract into other little laser beams and fry everything in sight...........

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    In all seriousness , everything in Star Wars is based loosely on science/art fact, so it is not too much to ask for speculations about the origins of an infamous character. You said yourself an egg was used, and it has to be an egg , so whose the donor?

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    You're a feisty little one....

    Maybe they don't need an egg as such. Maybe they use a synthetic substance. Bacta is a healing substance and can aid in the regrowth of limbs so maybe one of those ingredients that eventually makes bacta will come from Kamino laboratories where they have perfected biosynthovum a startling gelatinous mucous based product that when injected with DNA from the sperm of a donor will mimic the female ovum properties of that subjects species. This biosynthovum can mimic the ovum properties of over a hundred million species. It will revolutionise genetic reproductive procedures for many years until outlawed by the new republic......... Good enough for ya?

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    Re: Boba's Mother

    Originally posted by JonoFett
    We all know that Jango is the donor of DNA for the Kaminoans to create a clone army, but who provided the enucleated oocyte (egg) into which Jango's DNA did its work?

    Suggestions guys...

    They most likely have a different way of cloning that the way we would go about cloning.


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