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Thread: Clone Troopers

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    I see your point Fulit, but I think it might change the way we look at everything anyway. If what we know is accurate, then any involvement the Jedi have with the utilization of the clones will eventually lead to not only their own downfall, but that of the Republic as a whole. Obviously they (the Jedi) are wedged between a rock and a hard spot in the next film.

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    That's true. In any event, it's going to be awesome! The idea that the Jedi contribute to their own demise is interesting.

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    Yeah remember that awful Michael Keaton film "Carbon Copy"? Like he said... when you make a copy of a copy the end result isn't as good as the copy much less the original...

    That would account for the brilliant marksmanship of the Stormtroopers, eh?
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    Well, I've warmed up a lot to the Clonetrooper design but I still don't like that "whistling" look of the mouth area.

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    In one of the very early story treatments for ANH way back in '73 or '74, George had a scene where Chancellor Palpatine was addressing the massed troops on Coruscant. There were civillians gathered too. It was very like the propoganda rallies that Hitler did. It showed how Chancellor palpatine as he still was whipped up support and turned the whole thing into a witch hunt of 'bad influences' The rebellion was grumbling away in the background as a small faction just taking swipes and getting involved in freedom fighting skirmishes.
    This was watched by a rebel spy who then rushed to report this to the rebels but was captured and or killed by stormtroopers.

    However, If George is using some of his old ideas from the early drafts i these prequels as we know he is, I think it's highly likely in episode three to see something of this nature happen. We see him in episode two standing on a platform watching the troops amass and deploy on the staging platform so he obviously has a taste for shows of military might like the Russian dictators did.
    A huge rally addressed by Palpatine would be very cool Thousands of troops wearing armour that looked somewhere between the clonetrooper and the stormtrooper. No head fin, still the eye slit but with the stormtrooper mouth piece. More flexible armour. The blastech blaster we all know instead of the huge rifle.

    Throw in the rebel spy and segue to a meeting of the Jedi and Organa or something and it's still going to work. It'd show how the Empire grew and show the rebellion just beginning to see how powerful Palpatine is. Whether Palpatine declares himself Emperor would be dependent on when the rebels decided to call him that not when his troops and subjects have that name forced on them by Palpatine. The rebels would probably refuse to use the title Emperor to begin with until the name seeped through the parlance used by everybody in the galaxy.

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    I think the clonetrooper armor looks pretty darned cool! Even though most hate it, my favorite part is the fin. Very cool, in a cheesy '50s sort of way.

    One thing that bothers me, though, do the characters in the film actually refer to them as "clonetroopers?" Or do they call them Stormtroopers or just "the clone army?"

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    Just give them the different helmet and replace "clone" with storm, and they're the same thing.

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    The shooting script referred to them as stormtroopers or troopers when they are in their armour and clones when they are on Kamino. They were never refered to as clonetroopers as I recall though as always I'm sure someone will be anal enough to quote the script and prove me wrong. Stormtrooper is far more accurate for the behaviour of the troopers on Geonosis. That's exactly what they do. They storm the planet and the arena. no reason to say that they attack at all.

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    Are the clone troopers completly CGI?

    or will we get to see some fumbling guys in suits who can barely see and hit their heads off things?!

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    In some shots it will be one guy standing in for one clone doing something and then in other shots they'll have CGI clones in which they are pure CGI and in some shots they'll have guys in prop suits and of course in other shots they'll have a guy and then "copy and paste" him into other parts of the scene.
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