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Thread: Clone Troopers

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    So Bodie Taylor just did the voice for the Clone Trooper Captain?

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    Taylor was also the actor/cgi-model for all the for the armorless-clones - Clone Troopers are the clones in the armor.
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    Originally posted by EMPEROR JARGO
    In one of the very early story treatments for ANH way back in '73 or '74, George had a scene where Chancellor Palpatine was addressing the massed troops on Coruscant. There were civillians gathered too. It was very like the propoganda rallies that Hitler did. It showed how Chancellor palpatine as he still was whipped up support and turned the whole thing into a witch hunt of 'bad influences' The rebellion was grumbling away in the background as a small faction just taking swipes and getting involved in freedom fighting skirmishes.
    This was watched by a rebel spy who then rushed to report this to the rebels but was captured and or killed by stormtroopers.

    However, If George is using some of his old ideas from the early drafts i these prequels as we know he is, I think it's highly likely in episode three to see something of this nature happen. We see him in episode two standing on a platform watching the troops amass and deploy on the staging platform so he obviously has a taste for shows of military might like the Russian dictators did.
    A huge rally addressed by Palpatine would be very cool Thousands of troops wearing armour that looked somewhere between the clonetrooper and the stormtrooper. No head fin, still the eye slit but with the stormtrooper mouth piece. More flexible armour. The blastech blaster we all know instead of the huge rifle.

    Throw in the rebel spy and segue to a meeting of the Jedi and Organa or something and it's still going to work. It'd show how the Empire grew and show the rebellion just beginning to see how powerful Palpatine is. Whether Palpatine declares himself Emperor would be dependent on when the rebels decided to call him that not when his troops and subjects have that name forced on them by Palpatine. The rebels would probably refuse to use the title Emperor to begin with until the name seeped through the parlance used by everybody in the galaxy.
    palpatine declares himself emperor in ANH as stated by Grand Moff Tarkin
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    What Tarkin actually said was:

    The Imperial Senate will no longer be any concern to us. I have just recieved word that the Emperor has dissolved the council permanently. The last remnants of the Old Republic have been swept away.

    So going by this, Palpatine had already declared himself Emperor before dissolving the Imperial Senate (note: not the Galactic Senate as mentioned in the prequels). I think he will declare himself Emperor in Ep3, for no other reason than it would just add so much more drama to the film. It will have all the impact of a limp handshake if it happens between the movies.

    As for the Clonetroopers, I think they are waaay cooler than the Stormtroopers in the OT. They are actually competent and intimidating, that's something we never saw with Stormtroopers. And, like I mentioned before, I think the little fin on their heads is the coolest part of their design.
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    ah your memory serves you well
    I want Jacen, Jaina, and Anakin Solo New Jedi Order Figures!

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    THe Clonetroopers look like they could wipe the floor with the Stormtroopers. It really was amazing to see how an army of that size could be assembled, transported to another planet, and kick tail without any knowledge of the terrain or really what kind of opposition they were facing.

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    I would compare the Clonetroopers to the US Army going into WW2 and Stormtroopers to the US Army a few years after WW2.

    Going into the war, after Pearl Harbor, American soldiers were focused and ready to fight. After the war was won, the military became lazy and imcompetent. The very reason that Task Force Smith (the American troops sent to stop the North Koreans from invading South Korea in 1950) was defeated so easily and quickly. The American troops literally dropped their weapons and fled the battlefield in fear in one of the most humiliating slaughters of American soldiers of the 20th century. They were defeated by what they considered a primitive and ignorant race of people, and their failure was the catalyst behind the Korean War.
    Civilized men are more discourteous than savages because they know they can be impolite without having their skulls split. - Robert E. Howard


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